You Can Buy a Nan Goldin Print for $100

Nan Goldin is selling museum-quality prints for $100 to support victims of the opioid crisis, and you have just five days to pick up a print.


The Magnum Square Print sale features work from over 120 artists, including Tyler Mitchell, Alex Webb, Catherine Opie, and more, along with several up-and-coming photographers. Over 100 6×6 prints will be for sale, and the event focuses on the theme of “Crossings,” to “explore perspectives on transition and transformation in photography.”


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This is a rare chance to own a signed print from @brucedavidsonphoto's seminal 'Brooklyn Gang' series! The print is available for $100 until Friday. Link in bio. . "You’re looking at Lefty and his girlfriend, members of a Brooklyn gang who referred to themselves as ‘The Jokers,’ on a trip to Bear Mountain State Park. This photograph is not meant to be risqué. These were young, teenage kids who had a great deal of spirit, energy and love in lives that were reckless, unstable and oftentimes dangerous. In the words of Pauley, who was a friend of gang member Bengie, ‘We didn’t come from dysfunctional families, the whole neighborhood was dysfunctional.’ . At the time, I thought it was a little strange to be photographing The Jokers on the way to a state park, a trip sponsored by the Youth Board. The gang was completely out of their element. No mean streets, not a worry on their minds, just time to explore themselves and their surroundings. They were free, and it was captivating.” – @brucedavidsonphoto . For the next 5 days only, buy over 120 signed or estate-stamped, museum-quality prints by the world's leading photographic artists on the theme of 'Crossings' for just $100 each. Just tap on the image for the link to buy @brucedavidsonphoto's image, or visit the link in bio to explore the full selection. . PHOTO: Back seat of a car. From the series, “Brooklyn Gang.” New York City, USA. 1959 . © @brucedavidsonphoto/#MagnumPhotos . #MAGNUMSQUARE #Crossings #BruceDavidson #BrooklynGang

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“The project will create an unprecedented visual dialogue, spanning depictions of physical crossings from one side to another – a road, a river, a border, an ocean,” Magnum says, as “the personal crossing that manifest in growth, revolt, mutation, and self-realization, the voyages of the mind that have the power to spark change and transformation.”


The print sale launched today, October 29, and is organized by Magnum in partnership with the non-profit Aperture Foundation.


Goldin is donating the proceeds from her signed prints of Drug on the Rug to P.A.I.N. (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now), an activist organization she founded earlier this year. The group has been campaigning against pharmaceutical companies like Purdue Pharma, owned by the Sackler family, that put OxyContin on the market.


Goldin gave a statement about her donation:


I was addicted to OxyContin for four years. I overdosed but I came back. I decided to make the personal political. I’ve started a group called P.A.I.N. (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now) to address the opioid crisis. We are a group of artists, activists and addicts that believe in direct action. We target the Sackler family, who manufactured and pushed OxyContin, through the museums and universities that carry their name. We speak for the 250,000 bodies that no longer can.


Other artists are donating their sales, as well, like photographer and pro skateboarder Ed Templeton, who’s donating his profits to Skateistan, a nonprofit that runs youth empowerment programs in Cambodia, Afghanistan, and South Africa.


Grab your prints before the sale ends on November 2 at 11:59 EST.


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