Naomi Campbell Took Kylie Jenner Down With One Instagram Post

In the age of Diet Prada, not much slides under the radar. Just days after the site called out Kim Kardashian-West for appropriating every Versace outfit as-seen-on-Naomi Campbell, Kylie Jenner has also stepped into the ring. Needless to say, it was only a matter of time before the supermodel put her stiletto-adorned foot down.


Well, almost. The online confrontation began when Kylie Jenner uploaded a photo of herself in ribbed gray jumpsuit. But that’s not all, her accessoriesa pair of diamante sunglasses and matching arrowhead chokerwere custom-made by Michael NGO. More importantly, they were directly ripped-off from designer Rifat Ozbek’s take on the same styles. At the time of their debut, in 1995, they were sent down on the runway on Naomi Campbell. 


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My Friends: Let’s Have A Chill Night Me:

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Diet Prada quickly dissected the similarities, posting a side-by-side of the two and describing the apparent obsession with archive Naomi Campbell looks as “a KarJenner family affair.”


And that might’ve been that. We might have left their perceived affinity for appropriating Campbell’s most-memorable outfits as an in-joke for industry insiders. But Naomi Campbell, the woman who terrorized Tyra Banks, performed community service in a gown, and threw a cellphone at her maid, was not going to let this one lie. She did, however, handle the incident with remarkable grace.


Instead of addressing Jenner directly, Campbell merely uploaded the original photo from the Rifat Ozbek runway, captioning the image #MOOD and tagging Ozbek. Naturally, the move delighted fans. Immediately, commentators deemed Campbell “the queen of shade;” even the Kardashians’ former makeup artist Joyce Bonelli responded with the hallelujah hands emoji. 


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In one word: ouf. Nicely played, Naomi.


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