This is the New Way to Wear Your Skinny Jeans

If we’ve learned anything from America’s Next Top Model (well it was many things) it was that jeans and a white t-shirt were your go-to off-duty model looks. There indeed can be boldness in simplicity, but execution is a whole other story.

Cue Pauline Ducruet, who knows what it means to be seen in such a look. If we’re not mistaken, it’s the denim that seals the deal – and while there are many factors, wash, fringe, etc. we all know that it’s the fit that sets your favorite jeans apart from the ones you love but never wear. While mom jeans are all the rage right now, how do you know if you’ve found the perfect pair? A good pair of loose jeans simply feel like home. The good news is you won’t find yourself made self-conscious, squeezing into a pair of high-rise skinny jeans that “do your butt justice”. If you’re still hung up on Pauline’s look, we recommend finding a pair with some extra length to accommodate that lived-in French roll. Do not mistake the latter as a sorry excuse for being too short, the contrast in denim presents itself as effortless and you actually need to plan for the excess in length to achieve this oh so nonchalant effect. Looking relaxed takes a lot more attention to detail than you’d care to admit.

Final details include having your jacket (if you choose to opt for one) match your shoes and your purse for a look that’s cohesive and polished. We like to call this one downtown cool and you can bet Tyra knew that you could pull this off.



Glittered Velvet Platform Sandals - Black

690$ $345


Woman Arapo Mid-rise Distressed Straight-leg Jeans Light Denim Size 28

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Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag - Black



Prisca Pinstriped Wool-blend Blazer - Navy

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Ribbed Crewneck Short-sleeve T-Shirt, White, L



Montevideo Aviator-style Gold-tone Sunglasses


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