Despite the lingering beef between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, Minaj is “staying in her lane” and stacking up her good karma. She recently paid it forward to Geoffrey Owens, a former actor from “The Cosby Show,” to the tune of $25,000 after someone tried to shame him for working at Trader Joe’s.

Apparently, since his days as an actor, Owens has taken up work at TJ’s, where a fan snapped his photo and subsequently posted it to the Internet. This is only semi-enraging for many reasons, but the most salient one being that people think a cameraphone is a license to police others. In sum: not cool. Minaj agreed, and vowed to donate the $25k to the actor on her talkshow “Queen Radio”.

Geoffrey, the angel that he is, donated the money! To a charity! He gave the money to a worthy cause, telling TMZ, “I would like to give this donation of 25k to the Actor’s Fund in memory of the late, great Earle Hyman—who played Cosby’s father, ‘Russell’, on “The Cosby Show”—who lived his last many years and died at the Actors’ Home, (funded and run by the Actor’s Fund). I am extremely grateful to Nicki Minaj for enabling struggling actors to continue pursuing their dreams.”

Upon hearing the news, Minaj responded by saying, “I’m happy to be a part of a great cause. I wish Geoffrey much success and want him to know how loved he is. Rest in Peace to Earle Hyman.”

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