No Love For Fashion Nova’s Men’s Line

Talk about a fashion emergency. Fashion Nova released their long-awaited men’s line of clothing yesterday. As it turns out, people apparently hate the collection and were not shy about it.

“I was expecting more heat from fashion nova men’s. I expected bright colors, skin showing, rompers, silk shirts, THE WORKS?,” wrote one critic on Twitter.

The reality did not live up to people’s expectations. Fashion Nova fans were expecting more sizzle and skin. Unfortunately, the brand played it safe with their basic joggers and t-shirts, which did not pay off.

“The @FashionNova Men Line Is Lazy And Boring ‼‼We Wanted Inexpensive FASHIONS Not T-Shirts And Shé By Sheree Joggers ‼ WE CANT WEAR T-SHIRTS AND JOGGERS TO BRUNCH ‼‼,” quipped another critic.

One person pointed out that Gucci Mane’s recent vacation outfit is what Fashion Nova for men should have looked like.

Others joked about the inevitable rise of “couple twinning” that will result from this dreadful menswear line.

Fashionista editor in chief Alyssa Vingan Klein pointed out that Fashion Nova actually copied Yeezy and Raf Simons designs. The riffed on t-shirts feature cringeworthy wording like, “Tag me in memes so I know it’s real.” Oy.

Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for FNM.

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