Nothing COOL Can Stay: A Toast to Drew Barrymore’s Dom Perignon Moment

The Charlie’s Angels remake had everything: female-led action, quick quips and hot looks. It catapulted its stars even beyond the A-List, simultaneously inspiring girls to form blonde, brunette and red-haired trios and providing fodder for Halloween costumes for years to come. By the time the second film in the franchise hit theaters, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore ruled the world, and their style file from the era is the purest example of their power.


But there was one outfit that surpassed them all. The year was 2003, the premiere was Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and the paparazzi shots were the lifeblood of those seeking celebrity style cues. It took place in New York City,  and Hello! Magazine was on hand to dissect all the gory details. Not only did the publication document Demi Moore’s first public appearance with “15 years her junior” actor boyfriend Ashton Kutcher, but it went into depth about Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore’s arrival, as well as the latter’s look.


“Arriving on foot the pair were each clutching a glass of champagne, with Drew toting the almost empty bottle,” the report stated, continuing: “Statuesque Cameron had opted for a thigh-skimming off-the-shoulder number, while her fellow tough girl chose to dress down. Drew was sporting a grungy t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “My boyfriend is out of town” teamed with a pair of leather hipsters which left her butterfly tummy tattoo clearly on display.” 


Nothing COOL Can Stay: A Toast to Drew Barrymore's Dom Perignon Moment


There’s a reason Barrymore received a bigger breakdown than her co-star. While Diaz played it safe, the former child star paved the way for the slogan tee mania of the mid 00s. The emblazoned quote in question, was arguably very third-wave feminist and certainly an excellent interpretation of bad-girl chic. Then there was her envy-inspiring low-rise leather pants, the heavy blue-green eyeshadow — offset by sex-mussed beach waves — and purposeful showcase of the infamous butterfly tattoo. New York in June is very far from leather pants season, but it was all so effortless all images from the night likely found their way onto Maria Grazia Chiuri’s mood board.


Most memorably, however, was the selection of an “almost empty” bottle of Dom Perignon as the look’s primary accessory of choice. The gilded label and dark glass pairs perfectly with Barrymore’s California-kissed locks and oil slick trousers, and the certainty with which it is hoisted in the air is an example of the thrilling pre-social media nonchalance that defined an era. On June 27, 2003, Drew Barrymore could not have given less of a fuck and frankly, that’s the kind of cool that can — and should — stay.


Nothing COOL can stay looks back at a moment in fashion that is reminiscent of time gone by that we’ll never forget. 

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