Why Off-White’s Transparent Luggage is the Worst

Plastic, Lucite, PVC, Polycarbonate, transparent, clear. As far as fashion is concerned, these descriptors all fall under the same awful umbrella. They refer to the resurgence of see-through clothing and accessories that have been trending on the runway and in stores over the past year. The unbreathable trend took on a new life today, when Off-White’s Virgil Abloh teamed up with the German luggage brand Rimowa on a (pointless) poly suitcase.

The see-through suitcase will make its IRL debut on June 20th at the Off-White men’s fashion show in Paris. Patrons can get a clear case of their own starting June 25th at both brand’s stores. The price has not been disclosed, but given the price points of both brands, the case will surely set buyers back a cool $1,000+.

“A brazen, yet playful response to today’s obsessive talk of privacy culture of surveillance and anonymity, the transparent design keenly hones in on the now and the next,” the press release for the case reads.

Off White x Rimowa Transparent Suitcase

Off-White x Rimowa

My initial thought: next.

First of all, the suitcase is literally see-through. Hopefully, whoever buys it won’t be packing any sexy separates or other unmentionables for the TSA line to check out—or maybe they’re into showing off. No judgement. Except, I just can’t get over this suitcase.

Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the aesthetic of clear accessories. A plastic clutch? Cute! Boots with PVC block heels? I’m intrigued. Plexi earrings? Oooh. I can admit that there’s something fun, and a little different about throwing on, say, a trench coat that is plastic and not cotton.

But luggage is where I draw the line! We may live in a digital, anything-goes age where privacy is an illusion, but I refuse to start putting all of my belongings on display at the airport for the whole of JFK to ogle.

Function or no function, art or not art, conceptual or not, this Off-White x Rimowa suitcase is dumb. Beyond the invasion of privacy, this case epitomizes the reason why people think fashion is ostentatious. Unnecessary. And ridiculous. Who needs a “transparent” suitcase? No one! That’s who.

For better or worse, transparent suitcases are here, they’re clear, and I should just get used to it—but I literally cannot.

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