Office Goals: How To Transform Your Home Office Into A Safe Haven

As someone who works remotely often, I’ve definitely struggled with a less-than-motivational “home office” (AKA the small nook I created next to my bed or the island in my kitchen, depending on my mood). 


Working from home shouldn’t—and certainly doesn’t have to be—miserable, though. (Yes, even in this shitshow of a circumstance.) Believe it or not, there are still a few things you can do to transform your seemingly desolate home office into a sanctuary. Here are a few tips to help you out. 


Design your space with productivity in mind. 

Having a large home office that’s been carefully crafted out of sound-impenetrable, solid oak is unrealistic. (We’re looking at you, Rory Gilmore.) But that doesn’t mean that you can’t design your office with productivity in mind. 


Small Live Assorted Air Plant – Set of 12 – Assorted at Urban Outfitters



Studio Designs Nook Pocket/Office Desk



Minimal Line Art Woman Figure Art Print – Beige at Urban Outfitters


Instead of frowning at that sad little corner of my bedroom that I call my home office, I embellished it with things that make me feel inspired and ready-to-work. I keep my shades up (to let in as much natural light as possible), set a few plants on the window sill (they’re fake, but they do the job), and I have a vintage painting of the New York skyline propped up on my glass top desk. Sure, this isn’t the ideal setup for everyone, but it’s what I got and it works on days when I can’t make it to the coffee shop. 

Get comfortable, but not too comfortable.

If you’re uncomfortable, there’s no way you can actually get stuff done. (At least, I can’t.) You also don’t want to work in bed, because naps. But finding a good in-between is a great way to keep the balance. 


Bacci Chair – Blue at Urban Outfitters



Sabrina Velvet Accent Chair



Wire Office Chair


Instead, opt for a super-comfortable office chair—you know, an ergonomic one. If you find that you’re uncomfortable from sitting for too long, consider buying a standing desk. 


Don’t forget to stay moving. 

If I’m really into my work, I’ll literally eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at my laptop. This is, of course, terrible behavior. I mean, confining yourself to a desk for 10+ hours per day—that’ll cause a wreck to your mental, emotional, and physical health. 


Super Grip Yoga Mat



Cork Yoga Block – Brown at Urban Outfitters



Sf-B2620 2-in-1 Folding Rowing Machine Upright Exercise Bike


Consider purchasing some light exercise equipment to get yourself up (if you can’t get out). I’m sure your back, knees, and shoulders will thank you. Quick note: Don’t keep this equipment in your office. If you have a garage or storage space, stow it there. (Or better yet, hide it under your bed!) 


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