Would it have been a true Olsen Twins experience at The Row’s Fall 2018 show without a pleasantly befuddling moment? Of course not!

On Monday morning, Mary-Kate and Ashley showed their collection for The Row wearing oversized coats (of course) and sipping on to-go coffees. In the goody bags given to each person was a palm-sized crystal in either black or white with an accompanying note. “This crystal is a protective stone which repels and blocks negative energies,” it read. “It also works in reducing fear and increasing focus.” 

On top of the VERY chic and minimalist (so minimalist, in fact, that it almost looked like they weren’t there) scones and truffles, the crystals were the perfect touch for the luxuriously simple chic the twins exude. Is it somewhat of an inside joke to them at this point? I can only hope.

Curated by Noguchi Museum curator Dakin Hart, models sheathed in monochromatic knits walked in between 13 metal Noguchi pieces. The pieces were simple, uniform-like, and all about craftsmanship. (*cough, Celiné, cough*). As  Vogue‘s Mark Holgate said, “With their commitment to creating a label that is diametrically opposed to the idea of disposability and the eddying turnaround of trends, it’s a quietly political and personal statement about fashion. ” 

The Olsen Twins have now been part of the fashion world for a while now — with each collection, they reinforce why they’re now some of the most innovative designers of all time.

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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