39 Bond Street brings to you the virtual closet you’ve been dreaming of

As The Cut so aptly titled their feature, the new Reformation store on Bond Street looks very much like the closet in Clueless. The sustainable label — and purveyor of delicate floral patterns, silky crop tops, and sexy silhouettes — opened its first New York-based tech-enabled store.

If the idea of a virtual closet sounds appealing to you, the new store at 39 Bond Street will be your jam. Reformation’s first tech-enabled store opened in Dallas in September, and this is the brand’s third location in New York City. It’s showroom-style, like so many ~v hip~ boutiques lately (Glossier, etc) meaning every item on the floor is a sample. You can shop via touch screens mounted on the wall, but if you’re a fan of actually touching the fabric and having an IRL experience, you can call over a sales associate (don’t worry, sales associates haven’t been replaced by robots…yet).

The Ref Babe team will pull your pieces from the stockroom and place them in your dressing room’s two-way wardrobe. You’ll check in at a desk and, voila! find your pieces ready to try. The voice of Reformation founder Yael Aflalo will remind you to close your wardrobe (personalized service!)

If you’re intrigued by the idea of what online shopping looks like come to life, check out Reformation’s newest location — after all, sometimes it’s best to try that bodycon dress on in person.


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