Fall outfits are something we look forward to year after year. Staples like booties, comfy jeans, and scarves are not going out of style for a long time, so rejoice in the coziness of your long-missed essentials from last year. It’s so easy to come up with cute outfit ideas around our favorite fall necessities.


Along with seasonal timeless staples for fall like trench coats, a sturdy black Chelsea boot, the cozy sweater dress, and a crisp pair of skinny jeans, this year’s fall outfit ideas are replete with new trends that can make our break your look, depending on how you build your outfit. Like last season, we’re still seeing a lot of plaid and innovative denim outfit ideas, and keep in mind that kitschy shapes like the mom jean and dad sneaker are still in vogue.


While we do love fall fashion, it does have one setback. Like all transitional times of year, our bodies are adjusting to something new. And while the changing temperatures are not going to shake our routines as much as a bigger disturbance like Mercury in retrograde, the weather adjustment period is still enough to throw us into a confusing phase of not knowing what to wear. Haven’t we all been there—a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear? Fret not, because you are not alone. You might feel like you’ve got to Poshmark the entirety of your wardrobe and swap it for something new, but trust us: the problem is not your fall closet, it’s your fall outfit ideas.


We’re so used to the freedom of summer still, when we could wear pretty much any look we wanted, barring a sweater or jacket, and feel comfortable and cool in our outfit ideas. But alas, summer is gone and we’ve got to get back to the mindset of contemplating the need for layers, jackets, anddare I say—tights as we get deeper into the season.


The drastic weather shifts during the season or even each day can make our go-to outfit ideas to turn into choices that are just as extreme, and many times it goes completely wrong.


So we’re here to provide your with a tidbit of styling clarity. When it comes to building outfit ideas for transitional seasons, no matter which transition the year is in, keep in mind that you will not need to toss out your whole fall wardrobe from last year. Remember those timeless fall staples we all love so much (boots, jeans, scarves, etc.)? Make those the bases for each of your fall outfit ideas, and then bring in a few key trends to keep things fresh.


And follow this golden rule: layering. Mixing and matching your favorite pieces the right way to do fall.


The top outfit ideas to get you through fall:


On that perfect fall day


You know that fall day, maybe middle of October, when you wake up and feel that slight but somehow welcoming fall chill? You look out the window and see the warm palette of brown, red, orange, and golden leaves on the ground? The day when you just want to get out of bed and feel leaves crunching beneath your trendy booties as you go out to take part in fall activities like pumpkin picking and cider tasting? This is the outfit you wear on that day.



Chiapas Knit Cardigan



Banded Waist Sweater Dress



Bacari suede ankle boots

$599 $419


On a rainy day


Those rainy fall days will come without fail, and unlike summer thunderstorms, rainy days in autumn last all day. Days like this are the ones with gray skies, and a slow and soft yet incessant pitter patter of rain from the start of your day to the commute home. With wet leaves making the ground slippy, outfit ideas for the rainy day must be practical yet comfortable. And also fashionable.



Petunia Transparent Rain Jacket






Wingtip Rubber Rain Boots-Wine Size 7



On a lazy day


The lazy day in fall is that day, maybe post-Halloween early November time, when the chill of the cold air is starting to get to you. Summer is long gone yet we still can’t see those winter holidays coming around the corner. We are dead in the middle of fall and you’ve already gone through your staple rotations of cozy knits and are quickly running out of outfit ideas. You wake up to those falling leaves that once looked so miraculous now are commonplace. Instead of that urge to jump out of bed and into a pile of leaves, the chilly air just makes you feel a bit lazy. This look is the one you wear for those lazy fall days when you want to snuggle up with a cup of tea and a good book or more realistically, a Netflix binge.



Rib Long Sleeve Top



Denicah Knit Joggers

$128 $50.99


Senor Heeled Ankle Boot

$298 $66.48


On a chillier day


Eventually, the fall will get to a point where the air temperatures hit the season’s lowest low, when it gets colder than you remember it being last year. These are the days you get more nostalgic for summer, for any day when you could step outside without that sharp, painful snap of cold air on your face. The outfit ideas for extremely chilly days like this are defined by that aforementioned golden rule of transitional weather phases: layering. For that unbearably cold fall day, the one styling trick to beat the weather is to layer, and pick your layers strategically and in a trendy manner.



Borg Lined Oversized Denim Jacket



Organic Linen Open-Weave Short Cardigan, Plus Size

$188 $141


Karis Sweatshirt



On the unseasonably warm day


And less common in fall than the chilly day, the unseasonably warm fall day does happen every so often. Outfit ideas for this one might seem much more fun to plan than those for the colder days, but in reality, once you’ve broken out that autumn trench or a nice everyday bomber jacket, it’s hard to remember how you used to dress when the weather was warmer. For those 65+ degree October days when you feel like carving a pumpkin outside or watch some fall football, this is the look you sport.



Corduroy Moto Jacket






Marc Fisher Ltd. Yuna Over The Knee Boot, Size 7 M - Beige



On a fall night out


Just because the weather is colder doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for warmth. For your next big night out around town, become a master in polished looks by putting together an outfit that keeps you covered, but still has a lively vibe. Think skinny jeans, playful tops, and the ultimate autumn staple: ankle boots.



Logan Bodysuit



b(air) High Rise Skinny Jeans in Tranquil

$179 $134.25


River Bootie, Size 7 M - Blue



On a fall night in


When it’s just too brisk to even think about stepping a foot out of the door, gather all of your friends and have a wine and movie night. But, just because you’re indoors with your best buds doesn’t mean you should wear your hole-filled sweats yet again. Upgrade your PJs while looking posh and styled with this cozy ensemble. It’s casual, but we made it fashion.



Gisele Sleepshirt



Zen French Terry Lounge Pants



Ugg Lane Genuine Shearling Slipper, Size 5 M - Grey



On a fall date


For a big first date, or even a casual romantic dinner with bae, it’s always fun to dress to impress. That’s why you should always pull out this essential: the little black dress. But, you don’t have to get caught in the cold, because you can easily put on some fun layers to give your LBD a major fall upgrade. Just take a peek at this sultry autumn outfit and see for yourself:



Stretch Crepe Sheath Dress, Size 16 - Black



Trista Lambskin Leather Jacket, Size 16 (similar to 14W) - Burgundy



The Memphis Pump


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