Your hairstyle and face shape go hand in hand. Just like shoes, you need to find the perfect fit for the shape of your face. What tends to work on a heart shaped face won’t be the best pick for the rest of us. And while we do live a “do what you want” policy with our style, it doesn’t hurt to personalize your new hairstyle to flatter your face.


If you have an oval face shape, then you’ve won the genetic lottery for hair styling.  Compared to other face shapes, you have it pretty easy when it comes to picking the right cut for your balance face — all you need is some styling knowledge to get going.

Picking A Hairstyle for Your Oval Face Shape

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Not sure if you have an oval shaped face? Then take a hard look in the mirror and check to see if you have these facial characteristics:

  • Your face is long, but not wide.
  • Your cheekbones are the widest point on your face.
  • No harsh edges or angles.
  • Your forehead is the same width or slightly broader than your jawline.
  • Rounded chin.


If you’re one of the lucky few with an oval-shaped face, then your styling options are much more vast in variety. No area on your face overpowers the other, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing canvas for any hairstyle to work with. Seriously, they can even rock micro bangs.


“You can wear almost anything,” celebrity hair stylist Michael Dueñas told COOLS. “This face shape is versatile with so many different looks: long, short, bangs, blunt, you can wear them all!”


So, since oval face shapes can effortlessly slay in any hairstyle how do they know what to choose? Well, if you have an oval shaped face, then all you need to put into consideration is which part of your face you want to accentuate. If you want your eyes to pop while making your forehead look shorter than it really is, than simply go wild with your bangs. Want a more angular jawline? Then whip out the Victoria Beckham bob or edgy layers. The choice truly is yours to make.


But, if you’re going the coloring route, then always remember to keep your skin tone (and undertones!) in consideration. Here’s a quick tip: when it comes to choosing a new hair color, always follow the “opposites attract” rule. If you have warm undertones, always go for a cool-toned hair color, and vice versa.



Still stuck in a styling conundrum? Well then, let me sort things out for you. Below are some of the hottest trends to follow for the season. Whether you want to go pixie-short, or 1970’s Cher-era tresses, take a look at the styles below for your dream fall look.


The weather’s changing, and so should your hairstyle. Check out some of these polished fall hairstyles for oval shaped faces.


Overgrown Pixie


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For those of you who like shorter, low-maintenance cuts, then the overgrown pixie is your match. This cut is much more oval-friendly than the classic pixie because it isn’t fully squared off, and helps create balance from the chin to the forehead. It’s also extremely simple to style, and basically does all of the work on it’s own. Going for an edgy asymmetrical look like above creates a contemporary, androgynous look that will definitely take your hair to the next level.


To create this full blown-out style, just grab your blow dryer and round brush, and get to work. But, if you need to add some extra shine for a healthier look, a gloss serum or oil is always the way to go. These products create a healthy sheen and glossy finish, without weighing you hair down with a gross, greasy feel. My favorite gloss serum: the Gloss Moderne High Gloss Serum.


High Gloss Serum, 4 oz.



Side-Parted Bob


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An off-centered part is a great way to create a more voluminous look while creating a more flattering look to your face shape. The jaw-length of this cut creates a wider, more defined effect on the cheekbones, making your face seem more rounded. If you’re looking to tone down the length of your face, then a side parted bob can definitely do the trick.


Here’s a quick tip: to give your strands some added volume, use a bit of volumizing mousse in your hair before styling. This will give your hair a fuller look with added body. The Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse is perfect for any hair type for its lightweight formula that will give your tresses a major lift, without any crunch or striffness.


Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse


Long Layers


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As a girl with extremely thick hair, I can attest to how much of a double-edged sword it is to have. Sure, a thick mane of hair is always great, until the uncontrollable volume and fullness makes you look like Frankenstein’s wife. If you have more hair than you could possibly know what to do with, then layers are your godsend haircut. The layered effect helps maintain fullness, and is a great pick for girls with thicker hair. Oval face shapes especially benefit from this hair cut because of its face-framing abilities.


Creating a curled effect is always a great way to accentuate your curls, but one problem most thick-haired women have is keeping those curls from falling out. One of the fool-proof ways of having lifted curls all day long is obviously by using a maximum-hold hairspray, but they usually leave behind a crunchy, stiff feel. Instead, opt for the SACHAJUAN Strong and Flexible Hairspray, which will keep everything in place without sacrificing your soft, luscious feel.


Strong and Flexible Hair Spray, 10 oz./ 300 mL


Textured Lob


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Not too short, not too long, a lob is one of the best universal haircuts for just about any face shape. It’s flattering, fun to play around with, and can still be easily thrown up in an up-do for those off-shower days.


To create a textured look like above, always grab some texturizing product and use it as a final touch. While texturizing spray can be helpful, at times it can leave a dusty white finish. That’s why I’m opting for this texture foam from Ouai Haircare: it’s air-light, and will leave you with fun, messy tresses without a grainy feel.


Dry Texture Foam


Boho Waves


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Also known as “beach waves,” this style creates a care-free attitude that is perfect for the relaxed autumn season. While a pin-straight style would further elongate your lengthy face shape, these waves add a balancing effect for a more symmetrical illusion. Whether you have log or short hair, these beach waves can easily up your styling game for the season.


To create boho waves, use a sea salt spray and let it do the rest of the work. My top pick: the R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray.


Rockaway Salt Spray


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