A Breath of Fresh Air: Refreshing Fall Hair Colors For Paler Skin Tones

The fall season has officially beckoned upon us, which means it’s time to completely revamp our style. While most of us reserve our transformations during the “spring cleaning” moments, I think autumn is perfect for turning over a new leaf with your style. Fall is all about going out with the old, and in with the new, so why stick to the same old looks? This transitional season, make your style shine by cleaning out your closet, experimenting with your makeup, and most importantly, switching up your hair.


I bet your probably clutched your strands in fear of ever trying something new with them, but hear me out. There’s a whole cornucopia of cuts and colors to give a try, so don’t stay stagnant with your hair’s style. Dare to veer off the blasé path with your locks and try something completely unexpected with a spankin’ new hair color. Fall is filled with new color inspo for transforming your hair, so don’t let your hair fall flat and try spicing up your locks.


With that being said, I know just how difficult picking a new hair color is: there are too many colors to choose from, and one false move can result in a hue that’s mediocre at best (believe me, I’ve been there). Here’s a secret tip: always keep your skin tone in consideration before reaching for the hair dye. Why? Because your hair color absolutely needs to be a good match with your skin tone in order to create a stand-out look. Choosing a hair color that is as warm or cool as your skin’s undertones can create a washed-out effect, which is why you should always go for a hair color undertone that’s opposite of your skin’s undertone.


Fall Hair Colors for Pale Skin Tones


Paler skin tones can have a trickier time picking out the right hair color for their skin. Going too light-toned can result in complete wash-out, and using a deep, dark tone can lead to too much contrast, making your skin look even paler than it actually is.


One way to make sure your picking the right color is by simply taking a peek at your wrists. If your veins appear blue or purple, your skin is cool-toned and therefore need a warmer-toned hair color. But if your veins have a green tint, your skin is warm-toned, so you should stick to cooler-toned hair colors. If you can’t tell if your veins are blue or green, then congrats: you’re neutral-toned, meaning your skin is more versatile with the hair color spectrum.


So, my paler skinned ladies, are you stuck in a styling conundrum? Well, take note, because I dug far and wide to find the best hair colors for you to rock all fall season long. They’re sultry, vibrant colors that are perfect for fitting with your fall aesthetic. So, give your hair the autumn upgrade it deserve and switch things up with these playful fall hair colors.


Fall into a new autumn style with these seasonal hair color ideas for pale skin.


Rose Gold

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If you’re caught up with your beauty trends, then you know rose gold reigns supreme as the color of the moment. The metallic shade has taken the world by storm, going from their iPhone color scheme to sparkly eyeshadow styles, and now to their hair. It’s a great light-toned color for paler skin types to try, especially since it has a mix of cool and warm tones. This fusion of undertones creates a universal look that can fit any pale skin type.


One of the most frustrating things about dying your hair a fun pastel is the immediate wash-out. To keep your color looking rich and fresh out of the salon all season long by using a color-friendly shampoo and conditioning regimen. This shampoo-conditioner pair from SACHAJUAN will keep your hair’s new color in tact for the weeks to come.



Color Protect Shampoo



Color Protect Conditioner




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Need a style that’s sweet with a spicy kick? Then these muted cinnamon locks are just the thing you need. This hue is a perfect redhead pick for those of you who want to deter from the usual blonde or brunette, but don’t want anything too vibrant. It’s a warm, toasty hue that perfectly matches the color-changing leaves and roaring fireplaces you’ll be sitting by all fall long. This shade is undoubtedly on the warmer side of the color spectrum, so cool-toned lasses should try out this shade.


One problematic part about dying your locks is the brittle feel it leaves on your strands, especially when you’re not following the right post-dying regimen. To avoid dryness, brittleness, and frizz after dying your hair, use a color-safe hair mask to revitalize your strands. When it comes to quenching my locks, one of my favorite hair masks is this one from VERB.


Hydrating Mask



Reverse Balayage

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We’ve all heard of the classic balayage, so why not flip it and reverse it? Instead of using dark hues and adding lighter highlights for definition, create a more natural-looking finish by going vice-versa. Painting on dark strands allows your natural color to grow out in a more subtle manner. It’s also a tamed, versatile color gradient that can be customized to compliment any skin tone. You can choose natural hues, or you can go vibrant with cool neons and pastels.


For this style, bombshell curls are always the way to go. To create full, voluminous curls, always use a curl mousse or cream before styling. My top pick: this one from Moroccanoil.


Curl Defining Cream



Cold Brew

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For those of you craving some brunette locks, try out this season’s hottest trend. It’s a great tone for paler-skinned people to try since it’s a darker brunette tone for the colder seasons, but it’s not too dark. The mix of espresso-brown hair and swirls of lighter caramels and blondes makes this one of the biggest trends to try in hair styling. This is the perfect way to have your cake (or in this sense, coffee cake), and eat it too.


To give your hair an added sheen, always use a hair oil or serum to nourish it while giving off a healthy glow. This serum from Ouidad will instantly bring the light back into your strands’ lives.


Shine Glaze Serum 2.5 oz



Smokey Blonde

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This almost-ash blonde color is one of my favorite looks of the fall season. The cool tones are paired with just a hint of warmer hues to create a blonde rainbow of fabulous color. It’s a great pick for any pale-toned person for it’s versatility and ease to create.


To create this textured look, always reach for a texturizing product when styling. This texturizing foam from Ouai Haircare will create fun textured tresses without weighing your hair down or leaving any gross residue behind.


Dry Texture Foam


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