Palomo Spain’s New Campaign Has Models on All Fours

Palomo Spain, the funky fresh Madrid-based menswear label, has become one of fashion’s favorite on-the-rise brands as of late.

Creative director Alejandro Gómez Palomo drew inspiration from hunting culture in his hometown of Andalucía for his Fall/Winter 2018 collection. All of the looks from the collection are made from luxe fabrics like deerskin, tweed, and velvet. According to a press release, the collection’s voluminous proportions are inspired by the stately silhouettes that were worn by King Felipe IV of Spain in the 1,600’s—a pretty stylish guy for his time.

Palomo Spain's New Campaign Has Models on All Fours 1

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While inspiration for the clothing may be taken from the past, the ad campaign is very much so part of our current zeitgeist. Shot by Kito Muñoz, the fall/winter ad campaign features harnessed herds of “twinks,” as Out Magazine puts it. All of said twinks are strapped to a leather leash or harness (or both), and are being walked by different “hunters.”

“We knew from the beginning that The Hunting needed to be related with an animalistic sense,” Muñoz told to Dazed. “We first removed the obvious reference to nature and thought of ‘animal acting’ as a storyline for our Palomo boys.”

Since Palomo launched in 2015, the 26-year-old Spanish designer has grown his relatively unknown brand into a celebrity-dressing force to be reckoned with. In July last year, Beyoncé skyrocketed Palomo to notoriety when she had the brand make her a custom, embroidered robe for the announcement of her twin babies on Instagram.

More recently, Harry Styles wore a custom houndstooth-patterned suit by the brand at his concert in Barcelona.

Before Bey though, the brand was getting attention online for its sexually charged ad campaigns, filled with butts and boys in dresses. The imagery for Palomo’s 2017 ad campaign famously featured another pack of face down, ass up twinks, which seems to be working so far—we guess fashion loves fetishes.


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