Paris Hilton Is Planning a Blinged-Out, Psychedelic Art Show

Page Six reported that Paris Hilton, an Art Basel fixture who was hanging out at Daily Front Row’s dinner on Wednesday, is planning to launch her own art show.


“I’m putting my art exhibit [together] now,” Hilton told Page Six. “My art is very futuristic and pop, with neon lights and crystals and collages and painting. I draw animals. It’s really inspired by pop culture, it’s really different.”


WOW! What will this even look like? “I draw animals” is the best part of this, without contest, and these animals will not be your average intro-art-class acrylic. The art show doesn’t even exist yet, and because it involves the super-rich alien goddess Ibiza glitter of Paris Hilton, it already sounds out of this world. Also, crystals! Very underused in fine art, IMO.


When trying to envision what this show would look like, the first artwork that came to mind was Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s Forever (Pink) piece, where the word “forever” is written in thick, glittery cursive on a sporty-pink background. I’m also imagining the surreal, hyper-colorful pop culture atmosphere of a David LaChapelle image.


On a more Instagram-oriented wavelength, there’s dentist-turned-artist Sara Shakeel, with her crystallized images of everything from Snoop Dogg to McDonald’s french fries. And then, of course, Jeff Koons, who Paris has called “one of her favorites.”


In spite of Paris Hilton as Artist being news to me, the heiress DJ has apparently been making art for some time. In a March 2018 interview with W, it’s noted that she’s “always loved drawing, and has lately been combining it with painting, photography, LED lights, Swarovski crystals, glitter, and emojis.”


Then, in 2017, Paris told Architectural Digest that she and Zylka were both artists and, at the time, were planning a collaborative show and wanted to do something “at the Mouche Gallery on Beverly.”


The show will presumably no longer be a collaboration, which to be honest, thank goodness. No offense to Chris Zylka, but the idea of an exclusively Paris exhibition is way more thrilling. Just LOOK at this:



A pop culture visionary in every sense of the word. Now, not to get you too hyped at your desk, but just imagine if she collaborated with fellow artist Britney Spears…

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