Post Vine Stardom, Parker Kit Hill Is Fashion’s New Muse

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Google ‘Parker Kit Hill‘ and the words ‘social media star’ will inevitably follow.  As a teenager who rose to fame during Vine’s golden age as Parkylnn, his bob-wigged alter ego, it’s no wonder his stardom was once relegated to our phone screens. Hill may now have outgrown Vine (R.I.P.), trading the clacky heels and signature haircut of his infamous characters for designer pumps and catwalk sashays, but his star quality is more undeniable and present than ever.


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What you might not know about Hill is that he moved to New York to pursue dance, ballet specifically, at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School. Yet as every someone with a supernova quality, his interests expanded. Now, he’s taking time off to pursue broader creative passions, which include modeling, styling, art direction, and, of course, acting as muse for some of the biggest up and coming designers of the moment.

In your own words, who is Parker Kit Hill?

Parker is someone who isn’t afraid to be bold and stand tall above the crowd. 


Movement has always been part of what you do. But how has it shaped who you are?

Movement, to me, is the most natural human ability that we all possess to show emotion. It has made me more comfortable with my surroundings. I’m not afraid to just let my body do the talking. 


Where do fashion and movement collide in your world?

Movement and fashion collide the most when I’m picking out an outfit for the day. I always have a certain way I want to move through a space, and it usually takes time to find the right shapes/materials to get me on the right track.


How would you describe your personal style? Has it evolved since moving to New York?

My personal style is always changing. I get inspired by so many things, like my surroundings or my emotions. My style has changed dramatically since moving to New York five years ago. I have a better sense of my body and what works and what doesn’t.

You’ve recently put ballet on the back burner to pursue other creative passions. What are those?

My other creative passions are styling, art direction, photography, singing, and trend forecasting.  


Do you find yourself wanting to live and do more ‘in real life?’ or away from a screen?

Constantly. I try my best to stay away from my phone and not respond to every little thing, because it can be so draining. I love the internet don’t get me wrong, but I really do enjoy just riding the train, walking around, relaxing at home, cooking with friends, or sitting in silence. Those things ground me. 


In this age of social media, I think we forget about the dichotomy of on and off-screen lives. Do you feel you have different personalities?

No. I would say I’m pretty consistent with my personality. I’m very shy and usually speak when I feel the time is right. 

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Have you found it’s had an impact on your self-esteem and emotional health?

Not really. I’ve always accepted the fact that I am who I am and there’s no changing that. With my emotions, I feel that I’m more guarded and I don’t let things get to me. I always have to remind myself that the way I feel most of the time is temporary. It will pass. 


Good or bad, what has social media done for your career?

Social media has done nothing but propel me into a space of “spreading information.” Whether it’s good or bad, I feel so humbled to have the small amount of exposure that I do because I’m able to connect with my friends (followers) in the most organic way. Social media has transcended me into film and fashion and it’s just so exciting being able to navigate those spaces and feel comfortable and accepted. 


What’s something that none of your followers know about you?

I don’t drink soda. 

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