Did Pat McGrath Just Miss The Mark Big Time?

Pat McGrath has established herself as one of the top makeup artists and beauty moguls of our time by working with the biggest names in Hollywood, and through her namesake makeup line, PAT MCGRATH LABS. Since she’s praised for breaking barriers for people of color within the beauty industry, we were all hyped when she announced the release of her latest collection, Skin Fetish: a trio of primer, foundation, and powder that’s meant to give you a red carpet-worthy complexion. While the formula is impressive—it’s already been spotted on Cardi B and Kasey Musgraves at this year’s Met Gala—there’s something that we really can’t get past about this: the shade range.


McGrath’s brand announced in a press release that the line of Sublime Perfection Foundation will include 36 shades to choose from, and, to be frank, this is disappointing. As a brand headlined by one of the most powerful women of color within the beauty industry, we’d expect a lot more from her first foundation.


Ever since Rihanna debuted her groundbreaking 50+ shades of matte foundation under her Fenty Beauty line, a numeral standard has been set for brands to reach, at the very minimum, 40 shades. McGrath not only fell just a few shades short, but has also talked about her and her mother using cocoa powder as a last-resort powder foundation because nothing else would match her skin tone. Considering the fact that this is a prolonging issue within the beauty industry that many women of color have expressed their concerns about, McGrath’s small shade range feels like a slap to the face—so why isn’t anyone talking about it? Could it be that no one wants to go after one of the biggest names in beauty, or is it because we’re in a “pick and choose” callout culture?


We’ve only got one more question: What gives, Pat?

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