Pete Davidson And Alexander Wang Had A ‘Hot Dog Thing’—And We Have Questions

Vogue’s YouTube channel is truly flourishing, which means many 73 Questions, more makeup tutorials, and, a personal favorite: day-in-the-life video diaries. The most entertaining of late comes via 17-year-old Alabama native Cara Taylor, who Vogue follows in the lead up to, during, and post the recent Alexander Wang show.


Even if you aren’t a fervent Wang disciple, you might remember the presentation for Pete Davidson’s runway debut—Taylor does too. In the video, she hides behind the curtains when she is introduced to Davidson for the first time (who references modeling tips from his friend, Machine Gun Kelly, and claims to be impressed by the fashion industry’s work ethic) and says she’s “scared.” After the show’s conclusion, the pair debrief, and Pete Davidson asks if the model will be attending to “the hot dog thing,” to which she replies a simple, “No.”

While there were reports of Wang-branded street food during the designer’s extravaganza, it’s unclear as to what part it played in the aftermath. Which is exactly why we need to unpack the “hot dog thing”—an event apparently so exclusive even one of Wang’s muses wasn’t in attendance, let alone aware of its existence. Incredible. Naturally, we have some questions.


  1. What was it
  2. Where was it? 
  3. How was it?
  4. Whose idea was it?
  5. Were there vegan options?
  6. Did Diplo attend?
  7. Did a digested hot dog guarantee your presence?
  8. Could you opt to eat, well, anything else?
  9. Did one have to consume the hot dog all slow and sexy (because, otherwise, what’s the point?)?
  10. Were there, in fact, no hot dogs at all?
  11. Is “hot dog thing” a euphemism?
  12. If so, what for? 
  13. Did Ariana Grande come to avoid Pete?
  14. Did Kate Beckinsale come to avoid Pete?
  15. Was the soundtrack a steady rotation of Jack Ü and Machine Gun Kelly?
  16. Why wasn’t Cara Taylor invited?
  17. Will there be future “hot dog things”?
  18. Will we ever know what exactly is a “hot dog thing”?
  19. Why are we so invested in Pete Davidson?
  20. What is the meaning of life?

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