Can You Really Brush On Your Sunscreen?

There’s a hot new beauty trend in town that might prove revolutionary for our sunburn-prone folk: powdered sunscreen. It seems like the perfect solution for anyone facing a sweaty summer in a city, but like anything that sounds good to be true, this one might be. Sort of.


The product is still revolutionary. For those struggling through application and reapplication to stay sun-smart (hello, beauty blenders!), it’s a great option that comes with the added benefit of quelling the shininess. But, as Allure has discovered, it’s not meant to work alone, and if you want it to, you’re going to need a hell of a lot.


The “shot glass” concept is one that has been associated with sunscreen use for many moons. In essence: one needs a full shot glass worth to adequately protect their body. The same can almost be said of powdered sunscreen, dermatologist Anna Guanche informing the publication it could do the job only when “thoroughly applied to the entire face in a thicker coat”—resulting in a cake-y face, and the purchase of a new powdered sunscreen every time you’re headed to the beach.


“Apply a mixed chemical and physical sunscreen to the skin first thing in the A.M.,” says Guanche, “then touch up with the powder sunscreen throughout the day on the most sunburn-prone areas: mid-face, nasal bridge, and upper forehead.”


There you have it—apparently, no one thing can ever give you everything.

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