The Best Places To Wear Prada’s Obscene New Sneakers

The line between beautiful and horrifically ugly is getting thinner by the day, especially in the post-normcore fashion landscape, and Prada is the latest brand to challenge our definitions of the two.


While the luxury fashion house’s ‘Cloudbust’ debuted to rave reviews in 2018, the latest rendition of the style is something else entirely. Inspired by the likes of Frankenstein and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the reimagined ‘Thunder’ shoe is sportswear meets sci-fi horror. Its most notable features are the shiny upper and chunky sole, so extreme (literally, it’s comprised of rubber lugs) that it appears as though taking one step forward might propel you into outer space.


The Best Places to Wear Prada's Obscene New Sneakers 2


If you’re interested, you can pre-order a pair now for $895, but any careful decision-maker might first wonder: Where would I wear these? Thankfully, we’re here to provide the support and ideas you need to put you on the right track.


1. On the farm 


If you have any access to nature, or are a former country kid, you’re going to want to keep these handy. The color scheme will ensure you stand out from the pack (or…heard), and the sole will provide that expert grip in muddier environments. Who said Prada can’t be practical?


2. A maze


You can’t get lost in these, and if you do, someone will find you.


3. Auditions for the lead in a Netflix romantic comedy


It’s down to you and Noah Centineo for the dorky/attractive/poor/funny/smart/socially-inept/improbable outcast protagonist in what is sure to be the next hit flick from the streaming service. These shoes will give you those extra inches to compete with your outlandishly tall competitor, and may be just enough to peacock your way into the part.


The Best Places to Wear Prada's Obscene New Sneakers 3


4. Your Instagram story


Just tag “Prada” and wait for the replies, am I right?


5. A Fleetwood Mac show


No one will be moving enough to step on them.

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