Prada Yoga Mats Are the Ultimate Wellness Fashion Accessory

Wellness is big business, if you haven’t already heard. So big, that Prada is cashing in on the wave of shoppers who are all dying to be yoga goddesses.

The Milan-based fashion brand is digging deep in its archives back to 2011, and applying their famous banana print to one of the yoga mats. The three other styles are available in hibiscus prints in varying hues of olive, red, and blue.

Each mat is available now on Prada’s website for a cool $460 each. While these probably won’t actually help you be a better yogi, they are very stylish.

Yoga has been in fashion for awhile now. Fashion icons like Anna Dello Russo have touted it’s many benefits throughout the years. The Evening Standard once claimed that Dello Russo practiced 3 hours of ashtanga everyday.

“I wake up at 5 a.m. and ride my bicycle to yoga for a 6 a.m. class and then I ride to the pool to go swimming. After that I ride home, eat breakfast, change and go to work around 10 a.m.,” she told The Zoe Report in 2015.

“I love yoga and meditation because it helps me clear my mind. Otherwise, my mind is like a washing machine of images. Sometimes I just need to stop thinking.”

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