What’s the latest royal gossip?

According to reports by Elle, Prince Harry has been weighing in on Meghan Markle’s outfits. He has apparently been helping her choose to flattering outfits instead of looks that adhere to royal dress codes.

‘Meghan is always asking Harry’s opinion. She really wants his views,’ said one source.

‘He gives his views on what he thinks looks best, rather than helping her follow Royal protocol on hemlines or anything like that. The joke is that Harry is Meghan’s surprise stylist.’

If Harry is in fact Markle’s secret stylist, then he has been doing a great job. Her Givenchy wedding gown, Stella McCartney reception dress, and her white pantyhose have definitely been sartorially on-point.

Her most recent appearance trooping of the colour in a Carolina Herrera dress showed that Duchess Markle is indeed a fashion rebel. She’s not afraid of a fashion risk, and that’s definitely commendable.

Valspar paint color

via Daily Mail

In other news, the Markle Sparkle is making its way into people’s homes now, too. Paint company Valspar has unveiled a range of 9 paint colors to pay tribute to some of the royal’s best looks.

“Sticking to a clean, neutral colour palette, Meghan oozes sophistication and this is something we can easily replicate in our homes,” Valspar’s Kasia Wiktorowicz tells the Daily Mail of the neutral beige and blue color palette.

“Soft beiges [like these colours] create a smooth base colour and would work well in larger rooms to help bounce light around.”

On the blue hues from the collection, Wiktorowicz says, “To create a dramatic space, use regal shades like Royal Concerto or Amazon Drift, which pair together to beautifully replicate traditional Scottish tartan, a favourite with the royal family.”

The fact that Markle has influenced everything from fashion to home goods is quite impressive. Even if we’ve questioned her style icon status in the past.

Prince Harry is Meghan Markle’s Secret Stylist


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