Public School’s designers Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow announced on Wednesday that the label will be skipping New York Fashion Week entirely and will be launching a new “direct-to-consumer concept” next spring.

Osborne and Chow have a history of bucking the trend when it comes to fashion week. They combined their men’s and women’s lines into one show and ditched traditional seasonal titles. In April 2016, they showed Public School’s collection off-calendar, following menswear and pre-collection schedules in December and June.

“The company is in the midst of stepping away from the traditional industry format and launching a new direct-to-consumer concept.  Official details on the brand’s new model will be shared in advance of its Spring 2018 launch,” Public School spokesperson Nathaniel Hinton told COOLS.  “The company will focus on refining its own product assortment, delivery cadence, and restructuring the organization including making new hires.”

Public School will continue to fulfill all new orders while working on collaborations including Nike, Alpha Industries, and more. Chow and Osborne are unafraid to do things their way, from introducing streetwear to the mainstream to writing a letter to the fashion industry in support of Black Lives Matter to creating “Make America New York” caps.

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