Despite My Best Efforts, I Can’t Stop Wearing Shells

Like dozens of other early 2000s trends, puka shell jewelry returned with a vengeance about a year ago. The necklaces, once reserved for people coming back from vacation in Hawaii or attending a Dave Matthews Band concert, have infiltrated the wardrobes of every Instagram influencer, with no signs of stopping.


Despite this, I resisted the trend for a solid year and a half. I was above it all, I thought. I didn’t wear them in 2004, so why would I succumb to it now, I lied. But nostalgic fashion has a funny way of creeping up on you. Soon, a replica becomes and iteration and you find yourself lusting over a gold plated puka necklace that cost half your rent…or something like that.


Puka shells aren’t the only relic I can’t stop lusting after. Small brands like SVNR, Alison Fry and Notte have recently started creating shell and bead accessories that are the perfect mix of five-year-old crafter meets 20-something fashion lover. In choker form, a shell necklace hits the 2004 inspiration nose on the head, but when placed on an elegant hoop or a long colorful dangle earring, it’s the perfect accessory for a T-shirt and jeans.


While my resistance to the trend may have lasted until its death, I’m fully ready to lean into it as we head into Festival Season. Call me Lindsay Lohan desperately wanting to be in The Little Mermaid remake, but I wear shells now and I’m not sorry for it.





Large Shell Necklace – Gold



Shell Drop Earrings



Cowrie Shell Drop Earrings







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