Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party (In Puma)

Barbie is well into the sunset of her life, folks. The perky blonde icon with many, many careers and even more outfits is turning 60 this year and, according to Puma, that’s cause for celebration.


The sportswear brand has a history of collaborating with pop culture icons (cc: BTS and Hello Kitty), and their latest collection is inspired by the doll’s impact. While the Barbie track jacket, the neon polar fleece hoodie, and the leggings in black and blue colorways are certainly all attention-grabbing pieces, it’s the Barbie-inspired shoe that really steals the show.


Come On Barbie, Let's Go Party (in Puma)


The Nova x Barbie Flash sneaker comes in metallic pastel pink with bursts of mint and gold, as well as neon patchwork, with each shoe emblazoned with Barbie’s logo at the heel. It’s the perfect crossover between performance and practicality, with a well-defined tread and flexible arch, but its gradient effect will have your friends in awe.


Looks like we’re going shopping.

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