Was The Queen Shading Trump With Her Jewelry During His Visit?

Last week, Queen Elizabeth II had afternoon tea with President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania at Windsor Castle during Trump’s visit to London. Featuring an array of awkward moments, including the Queen having to wait 10 minutes on live TV for the President’s arrival, the best moment by far was the shade Queen Elizabeth threw Trump.

The Queen’s brooches can carry some heavy significance — or at least a not-so-subtle message — and the three brooches she wore during the visit seem to suggest she was trolling Trump. (Thank you, Queen Elizabeth!) The observation came from Twitter user @SamuraiKnitter, who noticed that on day one of the visit, the Queen wore a brooch given to her by former President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama. It was a personal gift of friendship from the Obamas.

On day two, the day of her actual meeting with Trump, her Majesty wore a brooch given to her by her mother, who wore it to her father’s state funeral. Wearing a brooch previously worn at a funeral? Queen Elizabeth truly is the queen of expertly-deployed shade. Her third brooch was a gift from Canada, Britain’s commonwealth country and ally — and a country Trump doesn’t particularly get along with.

In case you didn’t already love the Queen, this is taking our admiration to another level. Read the Twitter thread below:


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