Rachel Besser On Drug Stores And Shopping For Internal Validation

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Rachel Besser is an editor, writer, creative consultant, and entrepreneur. The quadruple threat has worked with various publications—spanning from Vogue to Refinery29—and is the co-founder of the streetwear line, Baggy, and the Walk on! America foundation, a cross-country bike journey led by her and her brother to raise awareness and funds for IDD (Intellectual Developmental Disabilities). We chat with Rachel on her propensity for online shopping, her favorite brands, and how to dress for “internal validation” below.

Where do you live?

RB: “Splitting my time, as of late, between the Financial District in New York City and Chicago.”


Where are your favorite places to shop?

RB: “I’m a 90% online shopper, so I love pursuing a given brand’s online store. That being said, I like Voo Store for sneakers and think SSENSE does a great job with editorial and buying. IRL, I’ve always loved hitting drugstores and souvenir shops.”


What brands are you loving right now?

RB:Prada, BAGGY, PRISCAVera, and Nike, off the top of my head.”


What are your go-to outfit essentials?

RB: “A great jacket or coat can make a look. I typically rock with a baseball cap or a clean pair of shades, and I need my bag to be handsfree if I’m carrying one at all. Pants > jeans to me, and comfortable footwear always.”


Tell us your style philosophy.

RB: “Dressing for internal validation, not external approval. Lots of people have opinions about how women should dress, but the only one that matters is your own. If you feel good to your core about something someone else would call ‘unflattering’ (or whatever negative adjective you want to throw in there), wear it and enjoy it.”

Rachel Besser 1


Black Style Short Sleeve Shirt



Tie Dye Bias Midi Skirt



'Uneek' Water Sneaker


Rachel Besser 2


zebra pattern bomber jacket - White

$2,865 $1,433


Performance Essentials sports bra - Black

$74 $52


wide leg jeans - Black

$595 $238




$1,150 $690


Marilyn Suede Baseball Cap



Brigitte Hoop Earrings

$320 $191.98

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