Fashion Forecast: These Rain Boots Are On Your Horizon

The weather can really put a damper on our style. When storms are approaching, we tend to ditch our own personal style and go for anything that will keep us dry, and our shoe choices tend to suffer the most.


“Dare I wear my favorite shoes and pray to the Gods, or strap on my clunky pair of rain boots?” This is a question I used to ask myself every single time I looked out the window to find raindrops trickling down. But now, I figured out that style and practicality can effortlessly go hand in hand, it just takes the right pair of boots


Rainy Days Call For Rain Boots


Fashion Forecast: These Rain Boots Are On Your Horizon 1



I’ll be honest: I hate rain boots. The classic bulky styles are not only hard to tie an outfit together with, but they also tend to not fit on my narrow calves, making them torturous to try and walk around in.


In my opinion, rain boots are one of the hardest pieces to style correctly. While they’ve definitely come a long way from the clunky yellow types we knew and loved from our younger years, most of them feel like they’re weighing our style down. That’s why I’m extremely picky when it comes to my rain boots, and while functionality is a key point to them, their fit and design always come first.


What To Look For In Your Rain Boots


When I want to avoid a sub-par rain boot, I always watch out for these things:


  • Fit: First off, the regular wide calf fit is a major no in my book. These bulky fits are not only annoying to walk in, but they just seem unflattering. A slimmer, leg-hugging fit is always the way to go.


  • Length: Not only are my legs thin, but they’re short. So, what may seem like a below the knee height for some of my taller friends may reach my thigh. So, I usually go for ankle rain boots, a heavily underutilized style that can go with any rainy day outfit.


  • Design: This may seem like a no-brainer, but the design of your rain boots can really make-or-break them. When it comes to this aspect, I always like to be a little more adventurous and go for prints that seem unique. With that being said, rain boots are notorious for teetering on the line of childish, so I always like to look for a style that has a mature feel, but with an added flare to it.


I know that style is completely unique to each personality, but these are just a few of my go-to pointers when I’m shopping for a pair of shiny (or more likely not-so-shiny) rain boots. If my style seems like your forté, then you’re going to want to check out some of my favorite styles below. These cute rain boots are not your average boxy style: they’re sleek, slender, and absolutely stunning.


Don’t let the weather rain on your parade. Instead, check out some of these cute rain boots for women.



Metallic Mayhem



Bernardo Peyton Waterproof Rain Bootie, Size 8 M - Metallic



These metallic rain booties may seem intimidating, but they’re actually extremely easy to style. The silver metallic finish gives any gloomy day an illuminating radiance, adding a little pep to your step that everyone will enjoy. The short length hits just below the ankle, making it easy to sprint to your morning train without any clunkiness getting in your way. The studded detail adds a touch of moto edge, giving these sweet boots a slightly edgy feel. They may be tiny, but these little rain boots can get you through any torrential downpour that comes your way.





Griffin Rain Boots



If you’re in need of something a little more toned down, then a black pair of rain boots will never disappoint. These Stuart Weitzman rain boots have the feel of your favorite soft leather boots, but won’t ever see damage from rainy days. But, not everything is as it seems with these boots: there’s a back cuff that allows you to alter the style of them, so you can customize them to your outfit’s mood. Wear them straight for a sleek look, or cuff them to create a scrunched style. These simplistic boots are a great pick for anyone who likes to focus on the details.





Pix Rain Bootie



I couldn’t tell you enough how obsessed I am with this style. These little color blocked rain booties are probably my favorite on this list, and how could they not be? Not only are they super durable for any rainy day endeavor, but the peachy-pink tone contrasted by the black lining and sole adds a modern, contemporary feel to a classic shoe. These boots have the best of both worlds: a playful, feminine look with a little edge. For those of you who swear by black rain boots, there is also an all-black option for you to check out.


Bold & Bright



Hornbaek Rubber Boot, Size 40 EU - Yellow



These boots play on the modern trend of ultra-saturation. This vibrant yellow hue is reminiscent of the yellow rain boots of yesteryear, but has a modern flare to it via the combat boot-like style and contrasting black details. These sturdy boots have a lace-up style, so you can make them as tight (or as loose) as you find fitting. Short girls, rejoice: these boots also reach at under the knee length, even on my fellow 5’2 ladies. This pair of rain boots also have a cotton fleece lining, so you can stay warm even in the coldest of autumn rainy days.


A Step Above



Norma Waterproof Bootie, Size 10 M - Black



Sometimes, I really, really don’t want to give up my heels. Instead of sacrificing my more damage-prone heels to the weather, I reach for these waterproof ankle boots from Blondo. First off, let’s revel on the fact that you can walk in these heeled booties during a rainy day without fear of damage, bringing us the sweetest relief. The sturdy block heel makes walking a breeze, especially since it’s a nonhazardous 2.5 inches. If you have a big event and the weather is putting a halt to your stilettos, strap on these shoes for an elegant look that can withstand any storm.


The 2.0



Original Refined Short Rain Boot



Hunter’s original long boots are a classic, but they’re notoriously clunky. Enter these teeny refined boots: they’re short in length, and have a much slimmer fit than their signature tall rain boot. These boots will still give you all of the wet weather protection you need, without weighing you down.


Seeing Red



Pendleton Embossed Tall Rain Boot, Size 10 M - Red



These red boots are embellished with an intricate geometric design, making them a cute statement piece for damper days. These boots are the perfect example of executing unique design while still staying chic. The red tone is slightly muted, so it avoids an in-your-face attitude, and the geometric pattern is underplayed by the warm hue. These tall boots are great for those of you who want something more in terms of style, without going overboard.

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