10 Classic Raincoats—Revitalized

Everyone talks about spring showers, but have you looked out the window lately? We’ve been inundated with an abundance of stormy days. And while umbrellas are usually our best pick for light drizzles, they just don’t cut it when you’re caught in torrential downpour. That’s when you have to strap on some galoshes and grab the most vital  essential: the trench coat.


Thought raincoats have a reputation for practicality, they also have a reputation for hiding your outfit underneath. But, a few of these overcoats pull double-duty—they stop you from getting wet and look good in the process. With options aplenty, we’re narrowing in on the classics as the ideal place to start.  Some of the most iconic styles to date are:


The Mackintosh Raincoat



Fawn Bonded Cotton Fly-Fronted Trench Coat LR-061D - Neutrals

$1,540 $616


The ultimate in  luxury raincoats, this Scotland-born style is probably what comes to mind when you think of polished and sophisticated rain gear. Ever since it’s launch in the late 1800s, the classic trench has been a staple for both men and women thanks to its clean cut and unique “liquid rubber” composition.


The Burberry Heritage Trench Coat



Heritage Westminster Mid-Length Trench Coat



One of the most immediately recognizable items of clothing to exist, Burberry’s Heritage trench first entered the scene in 1879, finding a way to mend fashion and function into one stormy day essential. The classic is easily recognizable with its plaid lining  and beige tone, but these days, it also comes in five other shades.


The Stutterheim Stockholm Raincoat



Stockholm Raincoat - Black Size XXXS

$295 $236


For a more modern fix, the Stutterheim Stockholm raincoat is your BFF. Its minimalist style and loose fit creates a more casual feel than other outerwear options, and it’s lingered on the androgynous side of fashion ever since its inception in 2010.


And if you’re looking to take the classics up a notch, this essential rain gear deserves a contemporary upgrade. Check out some of our favorite hooded raincoats of the season, below.


Color Splash



Euphoria Corduroy Trench Coat - Womens - Pink

$1,047 $418


For the days where the weather can’t rain on your parade. This honeysuckle-pink paired with a hefty corduroy meshes practicality and style in one.





Reversible Organic Cotton/Nylon Hooded Raincoat

$368 $180


This pick is the antithesis of the average raincoat. Its relaxed silhouette creates a modern Soho-chic aesthetic that’s certified-fresh for the season.


Evening Approved



Illustrated Woman Cotton-gabardine Trench Coat - Navy

$1,995 $599


A trench with a mystique edge. Need we say more?





Lana Oversized Reversible Twill Coat - Army green

$1,700 $680


Trench coats are stylish, but usually leave little room for chunky knit sweaters. This oversized alternative will give you all the style, plus leeway for layering.


Heavy Downpour



Unicorn Hooded Raincoat - Womens - Black

$490 $245


When the light drizzle turns into a hefty thunderstorm, break out this no-b.s. option. 


Shine On



Belted Metallic Vinyl Trench Coat - Blue

$695 $209


If you’re all about “serving looks,” try this metallic option. Its holographic, has a long, lightweight fit, and feels way cooler  than your average raincoat.


One Hit Wonder



Varick Hooded Raincoat

$695 $486.5


The classic black raincoat: it’s always a dependable, sleek option. Give it a Y2K upgrade with this slicked-down finish.

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