Raise Your Vibration With An Adaptogenic Potion

I’ve commiserated with the polar bears during past wintersblissfully stuffing my face over the holidays without remorse. When it feels like hell has frozen over, a heaping slurp of ramen or a hearty forkful of carbonara is a cure-all to the winter blues. The only problem? Life as a polar bear doesn’t provide the most radiant complexionand all that indulging and couch-inhabiting can leave you feeling pretty sluggish.


As I’ve gotten older (and hopefully wiser), I’ve become more aware of the synergies between eating “bad” and feeling “good.” Maybe winter shouldn’t be such a hard shift? Is it possible to rotate our nutrients for the seasons just as we do with skincare? To learn more about how the enlightened approach a season meant for hibernation I reached out to Nitsa Citrine, the Creative Director of Sun Potion. You’ve likely seen Sun Potion on the shelf of any hip wellness store or lifestyle blog—the “transformational foods” promise vitality through pure powdered herbs and fungi, with an ethos of ancient Eastern medicine.

Raise Your Vibration With An Adaptogenic Potion 3

Nitsa Citrine

A gander past Ippudo on any given night will support my theory that warm dishes do a body good—it turns out Citrine agrees. She recommends consuming warmer foods during the winter season; they’ll help support the digestive system so it can stay warm, and the energy saved from keeping our internal thermostats heated will go towards breaking down and fully absorbing nutrients.


While smoothies and green juices are preferable during warmer months, in the cooler months we should switch to warming potions that can help deliver nutrients to better optimize our bodies and digestion. Potions may sound witchy, but it’s essentially a supercharged vessel, similar to tea, that delivers high-vibe superfoods and herbs efficiently.


If you’re interested in feeding your body top-notch nutrients in a pinch, a potion is your answer. Below, Citrine shares a recipe that will keep you rejuvenated and restored this winter.

Raise Your Vibration With An Adaptogenic Potion 4

Nitsa Citrine


Nitsa Citrine’s Adaptogenic Spiced Persimmon Potion


“[This potion] is a blend of tonic herbs, spices, seasonal fruit, and raw nut and seed milks to nourish, harmonize, and protect the system from the inside out. It makes a healthy winter treat and can be served room temperature, warm, or chilled (to make as a shake, just freeze the persimmon or add ice) depending on what part of the hemisphere you are in!


“The Reishi and Lion’s Mane are medicinal mushrooms that work to boost immunity, mental calm, memory, and stress-relief. The Ashwagandha works as an adaptogenic antioxidant; it protects and invigorates the body while increasing libido and balancing hormones. The Pine Pollen also serves as an aphrodisiac, balancing hormones in men and women, and is a powerful brain food. I love to take Pine Pollen whenever I want to feel creative, expanded…or simply sexy. The He Shou Wu is amazing for hair skin and nails—it helps build blood, supports adrenals, and is deeply rejuvenating.


“The spices bring that cozy holiday flavor and simultaneously support the digestive system. The liquid base of sprouted cashew milk and coconut cream delivers bio-available fats and proteins, all sweetened with honey and maple syrup for a touch of mineral-rich sweetness.”


Recipe (Serves 3-4)

2 ripe persimmons
16 oz raw sprouted cashew milk
4 oz raw coconut cream
1 tbsp raw hemp seeds
1 tsp reishi
1 tsp ashwagandha
1 tsp pine pollen
1 tsp lion’s mane
1 tsp he shou wu
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp cardamom
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp Himalayan salt

1 tbsp tocos
1 tsp raw wildflower honey or maple syrup


Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender. (Option to add 4-6 oz hot water if serving warm. Freeze the persimmon if desiring more of a “shake.”) Pulse on and off on high until frothy. Finish with a pinch of cinnamon. Serve and share with love.


*This recipe can be modified to suit one’s individual preferences easily.

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