According to Ralph Rucci, Balenciaga is not what it used to be. Yesterday, the designer posted an Instagram photo criticizing creative director Demna Gvasalia for defaming the legacy that Hubert de Givenchy left behind.

“I have been told to be quiet, and I have turned my eyes away, but I cannot tolerate this any longer…they have taken his name and have conveniently used [it] as a springboard for such mediocrity, such tastelessness, such ugly ideas…just the whorish greed to sell a gym shoe, a t-shirt, a back pack.” the post read, which is still up.

Rucci continued, “Enough. Remove his name from all of this garbage. Rename it with something that mirrors what it is.”

Not one to mince words, Rucci details all of the reasons why Gvasalia is undoing the great work of Givenchy, including his usage of commercial money makers like the chunky dad shoes, platform crocs, and t-shirts that have been trending as of late.

Naturally, Rucci had some feedback to share, as well, “If you would like to have a brand that has the DNA in its vein as well as a direction and a couture, feel free to get in touch with me.”

There was an overwhelming sense of agreement amongst commenters on the post.

As one user put it, “[I am] a design student that had the great fortune to study firsthand the beautiful collection of Balenciaga gowns belonging to Claudia Heard do Osborne [and] I cannot tell you how your words strike home,” she continued, “The garbage that passes for Balenciaga is the ultimate in disrespect. Why are companies so greedy that they would kill the swan that laid the golden egg?”

As always, there was also a healthy dose of dissent.

“Also…when will people realise! People do not dress like Audrey Hepburn anymore!! 😴,” said one Instagram user.

Rucci’s not just another random online critic without a background in fashion. The 61-year-old designer has had a long and illustrious career in haute couture and design. At 21, he moved to New York City to study design, before training under Halston and one of Balenciaga’s pattern-makers.

The designer later started his own luxury label, Chado Ralph Rucci, that has become one of the only American designers who has been invited by the French Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to show his collections in Paris. Celebrities like J. Lo, Sofia Vergara, and Angelina Jolie are all fans of Rucci’s.

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