There had to have been some teary eyes among old stoners living in California this week. Starting Monday, California began allowing the selling (and cultivation) of marijuana for recreational use, and lines were forming outside stores long before opening hours.

“It is probably our busiest day in our seven-year history,” Matt Lucero, the owner of Buddy’s, a dispenser of medical-use marijuana in San Jose that holds the first license issued by California to also sell recreational marijuana, told CNN. “We have folks outside; every chair in the building is filled right now.”

There are still some ambiguities about how people can use marijuana day to day. It was up to each city to decide on their own restrictions for the drug, from dispensary operating hours to how close dispensaries could be to schools. People aren’t allowed to partake in public parks or in public buildings but can smoke in the privacy of their home. There’s still some confusion about restrictions on driving under the influence and how police officers will enforce those restrictions.

Here’s what’s not allowed: You can’t consume pot in public areas, drive under the influence, or be caught purchasing or using marijuana if you’re under 21. If you’re someone who wants to grow cannabis, no more than six plants are allowed at a time and only in locked spaces, not in public site. Drivers can keep marijuana in a container in the trunk. (And yes, your guess is as good as mine as to how they’re going to follow up on any of this!)

So, all of this being said, trip to Los Angeles, anyone?

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