Looks Like Red Hair Is The Color Of Summer

The ink is barely dry on a recent COOLS op-ed about the intense fetishization redheads experience both in the media and daily life, and now, Rihanna and Zendaya have declared red as the color of the summer.


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In recent public appearances, both multi-hyphenate legends have emerged sporting different shades of red. Zendaya claimed her burnt crimson hair was an homage to the original love interest of Spiderman (she is currently promoting the latest film adaptation of the comic), Mary-Jane, denying claims the change was to better serve her in landing a role in the rumored live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. It’s worth mentioning that her digital cover shoot for PAPER also saw her embrace the hue.


Rihanna was, well, just being Rihanna, appearing in New York City for the launch of her latest Fenty drop with waist-length auburn tresses that were later braided for the big night. You’ll remember Rihanna has been various shades of red throughout her career, famously appearing in “Only Girl In The World” and “What’s My Name” with flaming curls, and then again for “Man Down.”


Looks Like Red Hair Is The Color Of Summer 2


Looks Like Red Hair Is The Color Of Summer 3


The timing is uncanny. We’re on the precipice of summer, which we all know to be the primary time trends are born, ridden hard, and put away wet in the colder months. Furthermore, two of the world’s most influential fashionistas have both embraced the style within days of each other.


What more evidence do you need? Red hair is about to be the hottest color everywhere, so head to your nearest hair salon, STAT.

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