Nothing to Wear? This is the Cure to Empty-Closet Syndrome

Do you ever look in your closet and find nothing to wear? Sure, you can pair those trousers with that top, but that’s just a repeat of an outfit you wore last week. Before you start thinking about buying an entirely new wardrobe, keep in mind that sometimes, all you need is a simple accessory or two to upgrade a look from your mundane go-to into a completely different style altogether.

Of course the most necessary accessory is the handbag. But don’t leave it at that—stray from that handbag-comfort-zone and explore different accessories. A simple beret is always an easy trick to upgrade a basic look into a chic statement. And the same logic goes for jewelry items.


A hassle-free way to delve into the world of accessorizing is with a simple, neutral look. Team a cotton, gray top with velvet joggers, and then try an accessory you fancy. A beret and a patterned mini bag are always a good way to go.


Pompom knitted beret



Roll-neck wool top



Velvet Joggers

189$ $132.30


Shoulder bag with buckle



47Mm Sunglasses -



Embroidered necklace



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