Choose Your Fighter: Rihanna Edition

It’s that time of year again—Rihanna-shot-in-a-tight-close-up-on-a-magazine-cover time. We’ve seen her with heart-shaped highlighter in Elle, asleep for Dazed, in braids and blue eyeshadow for Allure, and now it’s Harper’s Bazaar’s turn to make Rihanna shine…and boy did they step up to the plate.


Recruiting celebrity makeup artist Ismaya Ffrench to create a range of looks for the mogul using her own Fenty Beauty, Rihanna showcased some of the best summer makeup trends while donning the latest couture. But which one is  your favorite? Or perhaps, a more pertinent question—which Rihanna would you best trust to be in your corner? We investigate.


1. Military Mama Rihanna


Pick Your Rihanna Fighter 4


We all love a smokey eye, but a chunky glitter masquerade ball-inspired smoked-out navy eye with a nude lip and warm contour? This is a look that doesn’t come to play, and won’t take any prisoners. This Rihanna will tell the boy talking to you at the bar that he isn’t and will never be good enough,  subsequently scaring off everyone in a five mile radius…and yet, you love her still.


Rihanna song to recreate this look to:Hard ft. Jeeezy“—she won’t settle for anything less than the best, and she doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

2. Peacock Queen Rihanna


Pick Your Rihanna Fighter


Glitter and rhinestones have found themselves smack-bang in the height of popularity of late—the first time since their y2k reign—and that means fashion is about to move into sparkly new territory, with Rihanna leading the charge. These fuchsia and yellow eyes, paired with glittery-gold lashes and a peach pout, is exactly the Rihanna who would be in your court causing a distraction while you pursue dubious deeds. Best believe with just one bat of her eyelashes this Bajan beauty could have you cleared of all charges.


Rihanna song to recreate this look to:SOS“—this Rihanna is the damsel in distress for the right audience, but don’t underestimate her.

3. Demure Ice Angel Rihanna


Pick Your Rihanna Fighter 1


This Rihanna is your guardian, watching over your every move and ready to swoop in to defend you, if necessary. Don’t be fooled by her pure ensemble, the sharply winged under-eyeliner proves she won’t take any prisoners. Still her rose-tinged lips is a testament to her sweeter side, and the fact we’re loving warmer pinks as the weather heats up.


Rihanna song to recreate this look to:Needed Me“—because you do.


4. Princess of the Caribbean Rihanna


Pick Your Rihanna Fighter 2

Forget Pirates of the Caribbean, this tropical goddess controls the land and waters of her beloved region. With not one but five block colors on her eyes, and a metallic green lip, Rihanna presents a face that essentially spells ‘regal.’ Look out for a rise in controversial shadow in the coming months and the next time you’re feeling like you might prefer a subtler look, remember this Rihanna doesn’t approve of anything less than traffic-stopping. This is one powerful woman.


Rihanna song to recreate this look to: What’s My Name? Ft. Drake“—an inherent arrogance that’s somehow manages to never verge on obnoxious.


5. Rihanna in Wonderland 


Pick Your Rihanna Fighter 3


Soft and sweet while maintaining her edge, this Rihanna doesn’t want to overpower her protegées. White mascara always offers a certain je ne sais quois, and when paired with a buttery brown shadow it’s going to be show-stopping without ever outshining. With an “I’m approachable” glossy nude lip, this is the most-maternal Rihanna of the bunch, but she’s never going to put your needs above hers—rightly so.


Rihanna to recreate this look to:This Is What You Came For“—self-explanatory.

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