So This is How Rihanna Is So Perfectly Bronzed

Bronzer has held the title of perhaps the most divisive everyday beauty products for quite some time. Done badly, it’s the worst (enter the 00s tan obsession), it can be a dubious contour, and as blusher, often all bets are off. But Rihanna wants that to change.


The makeup mogul recently introduced ‘Sun Stalkr,’ a product that she hopes will literally do everything and more for you…because apparently it already does for her. Taking to her Twitter to promote the product, Rihanna asked fans how they apply it, and shared a tip of her own.


Do you guys use bronzer for warmth or contour?” She wrote. “Cause I use it for everything lol, including eyeshadow!”



A bronzer that doesn’t shift as contour or crease as eyeshadow and warms up the face is nothing short of revolutionary, and if the Bajan beauty’s testimonial is accurate, this latest offering from Fenty could be the ultimate summer must-have that takes you through to the cooler months. We love product versatility, and three-in-one option is well worth the investment.


Sun Stalkr allegedly consists of a soft-matte powder, that comes in eight different shades (hurray diversity) and glides on like a “creamy” dream. If it lives up to the hype of Fenty foundation, highlighter and lip colors, you’re going to want to get your mitts on this one ASAP.



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