Rihanna Brings Back Cheesy Valentine’s Day Lingerie

As a dedicated lover of all things cheesy, campy, and kitschy, it may not surprise you to know I am a huge fan of the Valentine’s Day aesthetic. I don’t particularly even care about the holiday’s purpose, though I am also a fan of love and sex, but I would be enthusiastic about any occasion marked by candy pink and red-velvet-cake red. Because Rihanna always GETS it, the latest Savage x Fenty collection—dropping today—pays perfect tribute to Valentine’s Day corniness.



There are heart-shaped pasties, panties with velvety red-heart cutouts, and one of my personal faves, a pink teddy with hearts strategically placed over the nipples. Fun bedroom accessories include a red-hot whip and a riding crop with a heart as the handle. Rihanna showed us how to best accessorize the 23-piece collection, releasing a photo of herself wearing the pink-cutout underwear with red-velvet gloves against a purple curtain.


Many of the pieces are in the mesh fabric that Savage x Fenty uses so well, and they’re priced reasonably from $20-$68. (You can shop the collection here.) Honestly, whether or not you have a significant other is irrelevant to the joy of this collection—in fact, I’d wager that these candy-shop pieces are best worn in your room by yourself with Showgirls on in the background as you take one of the best Instagram thirst traps of your life.



Alternate scenario: you, whiskey, a cigar, the lip-embroidered babydoll dress, and Rihanna’s “Higher” playing on repeat in a dark room. But these pieces are also, of course, perfect for you luvers out there—just make sure the person you’re with gives your lingerie due appreciation before taking it off.


The collection is available in sizes 32A to 44DD in bras and XS to 3X in underwear. In an interview, Rihanna talked about the intention behind her line.


“Lingerie is not just about exploiting the female body, it’s about celebrating it and that’s what Savage x is all about,” Rihanna told Vogue. “‘Savage’ to me is such a powerful word. Especially for women, you know. Women are usually looked at as weak and needy and Savage is just that different woman. It is the opposite of that, she powerful, she’s in charge, and she’s taking ownership of all the choices she makes.”


With this collection on your side, this Valentine’s Day will truly be savage indeed.

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