I think this Medium article I stumbled upon while randomly searching for photos of @badgalriri says it best: “Rihanna is a vibe. An aesthetic. An energy. A living legend.” This perfectly describes Rihanna, who turned 30 today. She is a vibe, the vibe in fact. No other entertainer, in my humble opinion, does it as well as Rihanna in 2018. She somehow manages to exude her atmosphere to Instagram and still seem so naturally herself — and not a curated version. She’s both very open and outspoken when she wants to be but also succeeds at keeping her life private in equal measure.

On top of it all, she completely changed the beauty industry, with Fenty Beauty offering a never-before-seen 40 foundation shades, spearheading the “new era of inclusivity in the beauty industry.” Long story short, she’s good, y’all. In honor of her 30th, these are the six life lessons (though there are many more), to learn and absorb from the queen.

  1. Don’t let ’em hate — Rihanna is masterful at the humorous yet biting clap back, and she knows when to use them. When people were speculating on her weight gain, Rihanna embraced it by captioning a photo of herself with ” young.black.thicc.” She was open with The Cut about her “fluctuating body type” and also had fun with all the comments, posting a Gucci meme.

2. Carry a wine glass everywhere — Carrying a wine glass while walking around outside before Rihanna? Uncouth, possibly a sign of imbibement issues. Post-Rihanna? Extra in the best of ways. Rihanna has been captured multiple times carrying a wine glass of varying fullness while out and about. Is she simply taking it out from the restaurant she was at? Did she bring one from home? This exemplifies why RiRi is a mystery in the best of ways.

3. Sometimes it’s nice to keep things private — Rihanna has been fairly mum on her romance with Saudi billionaire heir Hassan Jameel (the son of auto mogul Abdul Latif Jameel). They’ve reportedly been together since last spring, but have only been seen a few times out and about — namely making out in a hot tub at Cannes and living the actual dream. They’re pretty low key — no photos on Instagram or attending events together. There’s something to be said for not letting it all hang out, relationship-wise, and Rihanna gets it.

4. Give back — If you need any further proof that Rihanna’s a living icon, she accepted Harvard University’s Humanitarian of the Year award in February 2017. In her speech, she noted: “At 17, I started my career here in American, and by the age of 18, I started my first charity organization.” Among many other humanitarian efforts, she opened a state-of-the-art center for oncology and nuclear medicine to diagnose and treat breast cancer in Barbados. Rihanna’s a reminder to us all to be aware, to be gracious, to give back.


Image courtesy of Glamour

5. Be confident — Rihanna oozes a natural confidence that’s hard to fake. Whether it’s addressing body shamers or the perfect fearlessness of this photo of her in a red dress, she’s the ideal example of humble confidence. Put on your frilliest dress or go to the club in a pajama shirt — Rihanna’s made it all OK.

6. Have some fucking fun — And last but not least, have FUN. Rihanna launched a boundary-breaking beauty line, continues to have an immensely successful career, and does amazing charity work — and she always looks like she’s having fun doing it. She also seems to know the importance of taking time for yourself, whether it’s riding a jet ski cross-legged or lying down in the ocean smoking.



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