After her surprise hit, “Milk and Honey,” Kaur is publishing her second collection of poems.

If you’re going through a breakup, Rupi Kaur is your patron saint. The 25-year-old poet launched her career via Instagram and a surprise mega-hit (and self-published) book Milk and Honey about love, loss and healing. Kaur’s second collection, The Sun and Her Flowers, is out on October 3.

Milk and Honey was an unexpected, runaway success with over two million copies sold and BookScan totals that put her ahead of John Grisham and Margaret Atwood for books told this year. She also has 1.6 million followers on Instagram, an ascent that happened in early 2015, when she posted a photograph from a class project that showed her from behind, lying on her side, blood leaking through the crotch of her sweatpants. Instagram removed it, and Kaur unleashed furious posts that gained lots of traction.

Her words are simple and concise, tackling relatable emotional themes in sparse, raw ways. Kaur’s voice pinpoints the emotional spectrum of being a young woman. “With The Sun and Her Flowers,” Molly Fischer of The Cut writes, “Kaur ventures into a wider range of subjects, contemplating her parents’ lives and the passage of time. Its sections are called ‘wilting,’ ‘falling,’ ‘rooting,’ ‘rising,’ and ‘blooming.’”

The book is primed to be a second success, with fans eagerly awaiting the collection. Kaur, who was born in Punjab, India, and who spent her adolescence in Toronto’s Brampton neighborhood, shared her first poem on Instagram six years ago. Her evocative, direct (and Instagram-length) style has reverberated far beyond that first poem. In an interview with WWD, Kaur admits to being nervous that her readers wouldn’t like her second book. “I realized, ‘OK wait a minute, that’s not true because as I’ve grown, my readers have also grown.’ Of course, young readers are going to find work on social media, and I think it’s great because we get to fall in love with poetry…we really get to figure ourselves out through it.”

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