From rock ‘n roll shirts to fetish toys, heart-shaped chocolates to a Vespa, Saint Laurent sends Colette off with a bang

Legendary Paris boutique Colette has been closing out their legacy with collaborations ranging from a Thom Browne takeover to a specialty burger complete with bright blue bun from Blend. And now, the boutique owned and operated by mother/daughter duo Colette Rousseaux and Sarah Andelman is going out with a bang: a final collaboration with Saint Laurent.

Interestingly, Saint Laurent is rumored to be taking over the Colette space, making this a trial run of sorts for the Laurent team. The products from the collaboration are very rock ‘n roll meets delectable luxury, ranging from T-shirts that pay tribute to rock icons like Blondie and Axl Rose to Baccarat jewels and skate decks. A Vespa, heart-shaped chocolates, leather goods, and fetish toys add to the vibe.

The reason behind Colette’s closure is somewhat vague. A statement released by the brand said, “Colette Rousseaux has reached the time when she would like to take her time, and Colette cannot exist without Colette.” A decrease in revenues could also be a factor considering Andelman said in March that sales had been affected by the terrorist attacks on Paris in 2015.

You can visit the pop-up through December 20, and after that, you’ll want to be scouring eBay for all of the Colette merch you’ve missed.


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