“Dating an Asian girl is the gateway into homosexuality,” reads a now-deleted Tweet on Sebastian Tribbie’s (aka @YouveGotNoMale) Twitter account.

The New York City-based professional meme maker counts 67.1 thousand followers on Instagram, where he posts his oft-viral tweets and memes. He’s worked with brands like Gucci on social media content, and has become Instagram-famous for “trolling” people online. He often takes aim at celebrities and other famous figures, using their unflattering photos for his tasteless fodder.

Ironically, though, it is his own Instagram account that has started to veer off into a cringeworthy territory. Even for Tribbie, race jokes should be off the table. But the anything-goes, my-way-or-the-highway Internet disruptor took things to the next level with his racist and misogynistic tweets. Many people were unsurprisingly unhappy.Gucci Meme’er Sebastian Tribbie @YouveGotNoMale Receives Backlash for Racist Tweet 2

“He hides behind supposed ‘humor’. In reality it’s a desperate shock and awe cry from a 30+ Y/O D- meme creator with no edge, substance abuse issues and the reality of losing his entire online presence day by day. Just watch it happen,” commented one angry person on the post, taking the middle-aged meme’er to task.

Instead of immediately apologizing to his fans for his comments, the reckless Tribbie continued to defend his actions over the weekend. He posted another offensive meme with a blanket statement caption that read, “The only girl I ever dated was Asian, call me racist or awful but like facts are facts.”

Gucci Meme’er Sebastian Tribbie @YouveGotNoMale Receives Backlash for Racist Tweet 2

Somehow, it actually got worse. After posting his second offensive meme, Tribbie took to Instagram to post a video captioned “PSA.” The since-deleted video showed a shaken Tribbie citing his father’s death for his brash sense of humor. It was immediately labeled off-topic and immature by his fans-turned-foes, who pointed out that nothing really excuses racism.

As if to add insult to injury, the insincere “apology” video was followed up by another Tweet in which the enfant terrible wished “social justice warriors” would “shut the fuck up.”


A post shared by SEBASTIAN TRIBBIE (@youvegotnomale) on

Cue backlash. People immediately tore Tribbie apart for dogging “social justice warriors,” a tactic of the alt-right, one person noted in the comment section of his post.

He finally came to his senses and did what he should have done originally: apologize, sans excuses. Apparently, his apology came too late, because people were not forgiving in the comment section.

If there’s one lesson to be learned from Roseanne to Kendrick Lamar and now @YouveGotNoMale, it is that there is no room for racism in 2018.

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