Selena Gomez Paid Homage To Madonna’s Iconic Bustier On The Cannes Red Carpet

The Cannes Film Festival has the, how do you say…hoity toitiest red carpets of them all. It’s the biggest name celebrities (and models, most of which are not in movies), wearing stunning couture gowns, posing together in front of dozens of black tie photographers. And the style at this festival is no accident. Since its inception, Cannes has become well known for its strict dress code, which requires men and women to wear full gala attire when on the red carpet.

This year, the annual event kicked off on a pretty huge note with Selena Gomez grabbing the spotlight in a two-piece Louis Vuitton gown. The look, styled by Kate Young, was made even more elegant with a silver Bulgari necklace and matching Vuitton heels.

Selena Gomez Chloe Sevigny

If the outfit looked slightly familiar, that might be because it’s reminiscent of one of the most iconic Cannes red carpet looks of all time. In 1991, Madonna wore a cone bra bustier by Jean Paul Gaultier to the screening of her film In Bed with Madonna. If Selena skipped the camp at the Met Gala, she certainly did it tastefully at Cannes.

Selena Gomez Skipped The Met Gala But Went To Cannes In A Bustier 1

Whether purposeful homage or accidental similarities, who doesn’t live for famous women wearing glorified bras on a carpet—especially one with a strict gala dress code.

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