Selena Gomez Declares This The Hottest (Or Coolest) Makeup Trend

In an unprecedented move, Selena Gomez has emerged from her media hiatus and made not one but two public appearances within the last several weeks. And that’s not all, she’s come in hot with a truly phenomenal beat bound to usher in a new trend for 2019’s warmer months: blue eyeshadow.


While we’re not unfamiliar with seeing varying shades of cool on eyelids, blue eyeshadow has seemed to be out of mainstream rotation since the latest turn of the century. Appearing at a charity event last week, Gomez appeared in a Dior gown offset with a smudged cat eye in glittery navy blue. Considering the singer-actress generally orientates her makeup towards neutrals and smoky browns, this was a real departure.


Selena Gomez Declares This the Hottest (Or Coolest) Makeup Trend 2


But that’s not all, less than a week later Gomez wore another seminal makeup look on a second public outing. The next was a mint green-blue, paired with statement-making lashes and casually flicked eyeliner.


Selena Gomez Declares This the Hottest (Or Coolest) Makeup Trend 1


If this doesn’t indicate an incoming overhaul of ‘natural’-esque makeup in favor of brighter, funner shades…well, what will, friends. Time to unearth those fun pastel palettes of yesteryear, you’re going to want to try this one out ASAP.





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