Hollywood’s Favorite Facialist Shares Her Essential Beauty Routine

Very few moments in the day are as bare as the moment you wake up. We each have our own kinks and quirks that help us get out of bed, but few of us are brave enough to share them with the world. Introducing A Cool Morning, a deep dive into the intimate daytime rituals of our coolest friends and beauty innovators.


Imagine if you mastered the art of skincare so well that every face in Calabasas ran to you for clearer, healthier complexions? That’s the life of Shani Darden, the woman toted by every flawless face in SoCal as “Hollywood’s Favorite Facialist.” Not only does she have her own successful studio, all while running her own namesake skincare brand, but she keeps herself busy all while maintaining her own radiant complexion.


How, you may ask? With the help of a surprisingly minimal A.M. routine, plus with the help of a decaf almond milk latte, of course. Below, we take a deeper look into Darden’s essential morning beauty ritual:

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What’s the first thing you do every morning? 
I spray myself with Palo Santo when I wake up, and then I sage my house.


Do you have a morning workout routine?
I love to see Nichelle at Cycle House when I can. 

Shower at-night, morning, or both?

Daily alarm time? How many times do you hit snooze?

I’m not a great sleeper, especially now that I have kids. I generally wake up pretty early all on my own or because of the kids.

If you’re running late, what’s the one thing you have to do?

Apply sunscreen and brush my teeth!

Favorite breakfast?
I eat a salad for breakfast every day.

Weirdest morning beauty habit?
I take a ton of different supplements and herbs. I always drink apple, carrot, and ginger juice too!

What does your morning hair-care routine look like?

My hair is my obsession and there is a situation that takes place all day. Diffusing, curling, products, curling again!

How much time do you spend on your skincare routine?
First I cleanse with my Daily Cleansing Serum which is a great, gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin. Then I use my Deesse Mask for 20 minutes. After that, I will apply a Vitamin C serum (the one I like is the iS Clinical Super Serum). Then, I’ll use the iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex, and Supergoop’s Everyday Sunscreen.

How long do you usually take to get ready for the day?
My morning routine is pretty simple, so not really too long!

What’s the one product you could never leave the house without putting on?
SUNSCREEN! Always sunscreen. It’s the most important thing you can do for your skin!

Your favorite morning read?
My DMs! I get a lot of questions on Instagram through comments and DMs, and I love being able to help people with their skin wherever they are!

What’s on your nightstand right now?

Water, Lumity supplements, and an oil diffuser with lavender oil. Usually a couple of crystals too!

What’s the current ringtone on your alarm?

My kids are my alarm!

Coffee, tea, or go-to morning drink?
Decaf Almond Milk Latte.

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