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Breakout Cream & Antibacterial Powder, 5 X 1.95g 50ml - Colorless

Combat oily outbreaks with Dr Sebagh's innovative anti-acne complex. A combination of an oil-balancing cream and antibacterial powder vials - used twice daily this unique formula will clear your complexion for beautifully flawless skin. - Activate by mixing the powder with the cream - Reduces bacteria and unclogs pores - Balances oils and reduces inflammation -Instructions for use: - Cleanse skin thoroughly with Breakout cleaner morning and night - Mix in the palm of your hand equal amounts of t

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Breakout Spot-on...


Breakout Spot-on, 15ml - Colorless

A skincare essential, Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh's handy spot-fighter dries out blemishes whilst soothing redness and tightening pores thanks to a purifying and anti-inflammatory blend of Zinc and Vitamin B derivatives. Slip it into your beauty kit to stop a breakout in its tracks. - Anti-inflammatory - Refines skin texture - For all skin types -Instructions for use: - Apply directly to blemishes throughout the day - Use at the first sign of a breakout to instantly start to reduce spots fast and effec

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