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Wonder Dust - Pu...


Wonder Dust - Pure Silver

Mimi Luzon has over 30 years' experience as a celebrity aesthetician, so she knows a thing or two about effective skincare. Made from cosmetic-grade silver leaves, this powdered 'Wonder Dust' can be added to your daily moisturizer to soothe and cool the skin. Over time, it helps improve elasticity, firmness and tone. - Reduces redness - Helps to improve appearance of acne -Instructions for use: - Add one spool into a jar of your face cream using the included tool

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24k Pure Gold Du...


24k Pure Gold Dust - Colorless

Mimi Luzon's '24K Pure Gold' skincare collection is inspired by an ancient treatment used by Cleopatra - it's said that the Egyptian pharaoh would apply pure gold to her skin each day to maintain a youthful appearance. This powdered treatment harnesses the power of cosmetic-grade gold leaf and can be used in any moisturizer or face cream to improve elasticity, firmness and tone, while boosting blood circulation for a more radiant complexion. - Reduces scaliness and wrinkles - Improves skin metab

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