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Voluminous Condi...


Voluminous Conditioner, 275ml - Colorless

Rahua's secret to healthy, voluminous hair is weightless moisture. Ungurahua Oil, healing Quinoa and Shea Butter work to repair and hydrate strands, while Lemongrass and Green Tea bring body and bounce back to your locks. This lightweight formula doubles as a frizz-fighting styling cream, too. - Ideal for color-treated tresses - Formulated with Lavender and Eucalyptus for a soothing aroma - Free from gluten, synthetics, parabens and sulfates - 100% natural, 100% vegan -Instructions for use: - Af

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Cream Wax, 89ml ...


Cream Wax, 89ml - Colorless

Rahua's creamy wax is the ultimate styling product. Infused with nourishing Ungurahua Oil, certified organic Green Tea and Rosemary Extracts, it gently bonds to your strands, allowing you to create an array of unique styles. Use it on short hair to create height and definition, and on long hair to add control and manageability. - Carnauba wax provides staying power and easily rinses out - Lightly scented with Palo Santo Oil - Can be used on wet or dry hair - Free from gluten, synthetics, paraben

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Legendary Amazon...


Legendary Amazon Oil, 47ml - Colorless

Rahua's 'Legendary Amazon Oil™' smooths fly-aways and heals split ends without the help of harmful silicon. This plant-based formula is enriched with Sacha Inchi and Morete to deeply penetrate each strand, improving strength and give locks a healthy sheen. - Suitable for all hair types - Free from silicone -Instructions for use: - Work one to three drops through wet hair and air dry - Alternatively, apply to dry strands after a blow out to calm frizz - 47ml/ 1.6fl. oz.

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Body Lotion, 200...


Body Lotion, 200ml - Colorless

Rahua's body lotion is a rainforest-grown, toxin-free daily hydrating formula that will work wonders on dry or damaged skin. This vegan product is infused with an Omega 3 and 9 compound that works alongside Quinoa, Rahua Ungurahua and Sacha Inchi oil to illuminate, moisturize and repair elasticity in the dermis. - Made with certified organic ingredients - 100% natural & nontoxic - Gluten-free As seen in The EDIT magazine -Instructions for use: - Massage into skin after a shower or apply anytime

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Defining Hair Sp...


Defining Hair Spray, 157ml - Colorless

Made with natural ingredients, Rahua's non-aerosol 'Defining Hair Spray' offers long-lasting hold. This non-sticky formula keeps tresses in place and can be easily brushed out and re-applied. It's enhanced with nourishing Organic Aloe and Green Tea for UV protection. - Suitable for all hair types - 100% vegan and gluten-free - Contains Organic Sugarcane Alcohol for quick-dry and shine -Instructions for use: - Mist evenly over hair to eliminate frizz and lock in style - Spray on palms and run the

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Shampoo, 275ml -...


Shampoo, 275ml - Colorless

Searching for a shampoo that thoroughly cleanses and nourishes your hair? Look no further than Rahua's 100% natural formula based on fortifying Amazonian nut oils of the same name. Healing Quinoa boosts moisture retention, while Coconut and Shea Butter remove dirt, oil and bacteria without stripping away nutrients - stronger lustrous hair is guaranteed. - Ideal for color-treated tresses - Free from gluten, synthetics, parabens and sulfates - 100% natural, 100% vegan -Instructions for use: - Appl

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Elixir Daily Hai...


Elixir Daily Hair Drops, 15ml - Colorless

Rahua's 'Elixir Daily Hair Drops' contain Omega-9 molecules that penetrate deep into strands to strengthen hair follicles. Infused with the label's signature Palo Santo fragrance, the light golden oil soothes the senses, providing an aromatherapy-like effect. A little goes a long way - a few drops are all you need. - Can be used daily or as a deep conditioner As seen in The EDIT magazine -Instructions for use: - Apply 1 to 3 drops of this pure oil to scalp and hair - For deep conditioner treatme

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Voluminous Shamp...


Voluminous Shampoo, 275ml - Colorless

Limp tresses? Rahua's voluminizing shampoo uses Lemongrass and Green Tea Extracts to give your hair extra bounce and body. Infused with fortifying Rahua Nut Oil, each wash builds healthier, stronger follicles to maximize the lift you'll get with each blowout. - Ideal for color-treated tresses - Free from gluten, synthetics, parabens and sulfates - 100% natural, 100% vegan -Instructions for use: - Apply to damp hair and lather - Rinse and repeat if necessary - Follow with Rahua Volumizing Conditi

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Color Full Shamp...


Color Full Shampoo, 275ml - Colorless

Made from potent plant-derived ingredients, Rahua's 'Color Full Shampoo' protects and revitalizes your hair's lustrous color. Enriched with rainforest-grown oils, this treatment preserves all shades of pigment and locks in vibrancy with help from Gardenia Enfleurage and Lavender Extracts. - Suitable for color-treated hair of any shade - For best results, follow up with the 'Color Full Conditioner' and the 'Color Full Hair Mask' -Instructions for use: - Generously apply product to wet hair and ri

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Color Full Condi...


Color Full Conditioner, 275ml - Colorless

Rahua's conditioner protects and preserves all shades of color-treated hair. Formulated with Gardenia Enfleurage, Lavender Extract and a blend of rainforest-grown oils, this creamy complex enriches strands with mineral pigments that lock in color and maintain vibrancy. - Made from potent plant-derived ingredients - For best results, use with the 'Color Full Shampoo' and 'Color Full Hair Mask' -Instructions for use: - After shampooing, generously apply product to wet hair and rinse thoroughly - 2

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Control Cream Cu...


Control Cream Curl Styler - Colorless

Keep frizzy, rebellious curls tame and hydrated with Rahua's 'Control Cream'. Enriched with moisturizing Rahua Oil, this all-natural formula combines Shea Butter and Molasses to shape and hold your hair in place. Even when humidity strikes, you'll have touchably soft and smooth tresses. - Signature woody scent of Palo Santo creates a spa-like experience - Free from parabens and sulfates -Instructions for use: - Start with clean, wet hair and detangle with fingers - Evenly apply cream to thorough

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Hair Detox & Ren...


Hair Detox & Renewal Treatment Kit - Colorless

Enriched with healing oils, Rahua's Hair 'Detox & Renewal' kit is designed to revive damaged hair and nourish your scalp. This all-natural treatment removes synthetic build-up and environmental residue, while infusing your strands with plant-based nutrients like fortifying Ungurahua and Buriti. It'll leave your tresses looking and feeling lustrous, strong and healthy. - Ideal for those with color-treated hair - Organic, vegan and gluten-free -Instructions for use: - Add half a bottle of Detox Oi

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Color Full Hair ...


Color Full Hair Mask, 200ml - Colorless

Rahua's hair mask is formulated with plant-derived complexes to restore key color pigments and nourish your treated tresses. Infused with Gardenia Enfleurage and Lavender Extract, it repairs strands, enhances vibrancy and encapsulates locks with natural oils for added shine. - Suitable for color-treated hair of any shade - For best results, use after the 'Color Full Shampoo' and the 'Color Full Conditioner' -Instructions for use: - Apply generously to wet hair and comb through - Leave in 10-15 m

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Enchanted Island...


Enchanted Island Salt Spray, 124ml - Colorless

Rahua's sea salt spray is inspired by the lush flora of the Galapagos Islands, where founders Anna and Fabian honeymooned and revisited this year for their 10th anniversary. Designed to create beachy, mermaid-like waves, it's formulated with texturizing Pink Sea Salt, strengthening Hibiscus Extract and moisturizing Guayaba Sugars. The exotic, tropical scent will give you serious vacation vibes. - Free from parabens, sulfates and glutens - Vegan and cruelty-free -Instructions for use: - Spray int

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Conditioner, 275...


Conditioner, 275ml - Colorless

Restore dry and damaged hair with this organic, lightly scented conditioner. Enriched with strengthening Rahua oil, healing Quinoa and Aloe to moisturize, the all-natural ingredients nourish and regenerate every strand to encourage growth. Perfect for colored hair, this aromatic formula also doubles up as a frizz-fighting styling cream. - Green Tea Leaf extract lessens damage from UV-ray exposure - Free from gluten, synthetics, parabens and sulfates - 100% natural, 100% vegan -Instructions for u

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Omega 9 Hair Mas...


Omega 9 Hair Mask, 200ml - Colorless

No need to visit the salon for an intensive treatment, Rahua's hair mask penetrates deep into each strand to heal, moisturize and strengthen. The secret? Restorative Ungurahua Oil rich in Omega-9 and nourishing Sunflower Seed Oil that leaves you with soft and shiny locks. It's your once-a-week savior for dry and over-worked tresses. - Lavender and Eucalyptus work to clarify hair and sooth scalp - Free from gluten - Creamy texture -Instructions for use: - After using Rahua shampoo, apply to wet h

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Voluminous Dry S...


Voluminous Dry Shampoo, 51g - Colorless

Rahua's 'Voluminous Dry Shampoo' removes excess oils resulting in full, lifted roots. Suitable for all hair types and colors, this absorbent formula is developed from natural plant and mineral ingredients. Use it to boost the volume of fresh locks or on second-day styles. - Aerosol-free, eco-squeeze dispenser can be recycled - Cassava Starch and Cosmetic Clay absorb moisture and dirt - Star Anise cleanses the hair with a refreshing scent As seen in The EDIT magazine -Instructions for use: - Shak

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