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Rejuvenating Breast Oil


Dr. Janine Mahon

Rejuvenating Breast Oil


At Violet Grey

A nourishing oil formulated to improve circulation to the breast and lymph area while relieving tender, swollen breast discomfort.developed by dr. janine mahon, a doctor of chinese medicine, this unique oil blend is designed to boost the flow of life force (qi) to the breast and lymph area, while breaking down harmful toxins, softening dense, fibrous tissue and relieving discomfort often associated with mensuration, such as tender, swollen breasts. created to treat her own bout of mastitis 18 years ago, the formula has been perfected through dr. mahon’s decades-long experience studying and practicing chinese medicine world-over.a sacred pair of herbs, ru xiang (frankincense) and mo yao (myrrh) work in harmony to soften hardenings, calcifications and boost wound healing.a strong antioxidant, ge hua (citrus aurantium) eliminates toxins and boosts circulation, increasing healthy cell and collagen production, while harmonizing premenstrual irritability.castor oil breaks down calcifications and promotes lymphatic drainage.. Buy from Violet Grey