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Exclusively For Yoox Art & Decor for Home, Winter 2020

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Limited Edition

Exclusively for yoox

Limited Edition



EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOOX Limited Edition. 50-piece limited edition print, hand signed and numbered by the artist on verso, unframed. There is a soul that accompanies those who live in Venice. It's a soul born from the subversion of spacial coordinates and from the obsessive stimulation of perception, with continuous and infinite moments of beauty, either monumental like a basilica, minute like a crack, or invisible like the reflections of light that remove all certainty and engulf us with their hypnotic flow. Hoxton, Debris and Pigments #2, the photographic work produced by Lorenzo Vitturi exclusively for YOOX, is the offspring of such magic, the sibling of the international outlook of its author, and the spouse of its exuberant, rigorous creativity. Through a process that combines photography, the collection of random objects, and the transformation thereof via assembly and colour, Vitturi explores the transformational nature of pure pigments in a composition in which nothing is casual, but in which everything seems to have happened by chance, with a compositional structure and an out-of-the ordinary chromatic sensitivity, which make this image a work of great power and mysterious charm. 100% Paper buy from