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Universal Facial Treatment



Universal Facial Treatment


At Cos Bar

MMXV INFINITUDE it is a new, universal facial treatment, one product, seven solutions. It is a single product that works for all skin types, for all genders and at all times of day. MMXV Infinitude makes existing serum, eye cream, day and night creams, moisturizers, brighteners and neck or decollete creams redundant. Ellegant, effortless, flawless. Only MMXV INIFNITUDE provides clinically tested skincare that optimizes the way skin looks, feels and acts in just one simple step. Instantly and over time, skin is deeply replenished, and restored; signs of chronological and environmental aging virtually disappear as skin becomes brighter, even-toned and more luminous than ever before. Its revolutionary cytomimetic technology literally reads and synchronizes skin on contact, allowing each ingredient to work where and when it is needed most. A proprietary infusion comprised of fermented white truffle, falernum grape extract, and pure olive extract, together with a triad of hyaluronic acids, optimize the macro-molecular universe that exists in the skin, allowing INFINITUDE to efficiently be used around the eye, face, or décolleté, day and night. Our globally sourced ingredients have been scientifically proven to: Improve hydration levels by infusing skin with unprecedented levels of the purest triad of hyaluronic acids ResynchronIze skin's circadian clock Increase synthesis of collagen and elastin Mimic skin's intercellular lipids and accelerate epidermal turnover Restore skin's mitochondrial energy Brighten and reduce the look of dark spots and prevent glycation Shield and revitalize the skin against environmental and chronological stressors Gently massage onto cleansed skin, applying around all facial contours, including eye area, neck, and décoletté; no additional skin care treatment needed. 1.0 oz/ 30 ml. Buy from Cos Bar